6 Capricorn Divas of Bollywood who proved ‘Commitment is Everything’

6  Bollywood Divas who are Capricorn, take a look

Capricorn is the Earth Sign and they are born between December 22nd and January 20th.It is one of the most stable signs. Cap has the sign of a goat. They are practical, hard-working, ambitious and loyal. Caps are very passionate when it comes to love and loyal of all the sun signs. Nobody can value relationship & friendship like them.  To get an idea of the classic Capricorn personality, we need to look at some of the famous celebs: Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, Twinkle Khanna, and Deepika Padukone. Today, let’s take a look at the list of Bollywood Divas who are Capricorn and proved that ‘Commitment is Everything’.

The Deepika Padukone Award is an award for mental health

( Deepika Padukone)

1.Deepika Padukone ( 5th January)

She is a woman of the decade. Deepika has redefined fashion statement, the concept of marriage, and choices of films. The actress has proved that Commitment & Determination is everything for a Capricorn. She has ruled this entire decade like a boss!

2.Twinkle Khanna (29 December)

She is a best –selling author. Recently, she started TweakIndia and we are loving it already! She is witty, beautiful & Queen of Twitter Puns. Apart from it, she is a star wife& a full-time mother. And we will not be wrong in saying that she is handling all of it nonchalantly.

3.Vidya Balan ( 1 January)

Known for her unconventional choices, Vidya Balan proved that there is no one like her.  She never gave up on her choices &  carved her own niche. – The best quality of a Capricorn

vidya balan

(Vidya Balan)

4.Bipasha  Basu ( 7 January)

Bengali beauty sizzled throughout her Bollywood career and redefined the age of marriage too.

5.Kalki Koechlin ( 10 January)

Her career graph is a prove that Capricorns are consistent and intuitive. They are a passionate lover, Kalki proved it. Recently, she announced her pregnancy with her boyfriend.

6.Farah Khan  ( 9 January)

Choreographer, Film Director, and producer, Farah has proved that Capricorns are unstoppable! Every time she comes up with a film, she does wonders.

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