Its June already: Mid Of 2020, 6 big events that we have witnessed so far

2020 so far

We are in June! It feels like we are stuck in a Lift – Suffocating & Horrifying

2020 is one of the most horrifying year in human history. We will remember it till the eternity. From COVID 19 to Karachi Plane crash, we have witnessed some most dreadful events in a span of six months. It’s like a nightmare which is not going to end anytime soon. But there is a hope that everything will fall into place. One day we will be able to live normal life and will never take things for granted. We will be grateful for things we have.

What all has happened in this last six months, let us look back

Today, we have entered in the 6th month of this tough year. With economy falling, people losing jobs, increasing number of covid patients, here we take a look at the events that we witnessed so far. All of them have shaken us from inside.

1. Delhi Riots: The city was burning in the pleasant weather of February. It began on 23 February. Around 53 people were killed in the riots including 36 Muslims and 15 Hindus, as per reports. CAA protest lead to horrifying riots in the capital. Heart wrenching images showed how hollow we are as humans.

2. Legends Like Rishi Kapoor, Irrfan Khan, Wajid Khan bid goodbye: Goodbyes are hard. Some of the finest talents of B- Town left this world leaving a void behind. The news came as a shock for the nation.

3. India’s unemployment rate in May rose to 23.48 – CMIE: The unemployment crisis has hit India hard. Millions of people are losing their job. This is making the condition worse for the country which will lead to more mental health conditions and deaths.

4. Biggest Migration after 1947: As per the data, there are 4 crore migrant labours in India out of which 75 lakh have migrated to their native villages. Notably, this is the biggest migration since Independence. They walked miles to reach their destination and what all happened we all have seen.

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5. Frequent Earthquakes in Delhi: Okay! Things are under control so far, but what if a strong earthquake hits Delhi? Is the city prepared? The answer is no and we all know it.

6: Amphan cyclone in Bengal: Did you see the pictures? They were heartbreaking. The country is already going through a crisis and it made the conditions worst. 2020 is one terrible ride that won’t forget. Now, we have come mid way, and we can hope that things might get changed.

Not only in India, the entire world is suffering. Italy made us cry due to COVID 19 cases, and Karachi plane crash made us believe that 2020 will not stop. COVID has become a new normal and lock down is our everyday routine. Social distancing has made our vocabulary enriched. Well, Let us all pray together and believe that this shall pass soon.

Till then, let us stay safe and stand together.

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