5 Young Instagram Accounts that are giving the much-needed fitness/ nutrition guides

5 Instagram Accounts giving the best nutrition guides


We have said it for long that a healthy mind is found in a healthy body. How important is your health is something we don’t need to utter repeatedly because we know that you know that. But what you might be needing help with, is from where you could get the right information to look after your health and nutrition. So, for that, we have got your back. With a lot of knowledge spreading on different platforms now and then about the diet and health plans, there exists a lot of confusion about whom to follow. So, to deal with this, we have listed for you, five accounts you should check to get your guide for nutrition and fitness. And, you can reach out to them in their DMs if you wish to get your diet customized.

Nutritionist Nanny

Well, can we say, she is that many who used to take care of your health in your childhood? Well, she is that. With the cutest doodle of nanny wearing rim spectacles, she gives nutrition tips now and then. From skin to the body to digestion and well being, Natritionist Nanny has everything covered.

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Diet Heal by Hanisi Savla

Hanisi, a clinical dietitian, a nutritionist and a PCOS expert who runs a page called Diet Heal is a complete packet looking after health and fitness for women. As mentioned, Hanisi, being a PCOS expert, the page is worked up with all the health guides for women going through PCOS. The page is absolutely the much-needed fitness freak friend of all the women out there.

Diet Couture

Prachi Mittal, the girl behind Diet Couture is a nutritionist and is using Instagram rightly to bring the most amazing and healthy diet plans on your plate. This Instagram account displays mouth-watering food which is not unhealthy, coupled with the routine people should be following to not let it harm the body. Prachi is essentially a diet and weight loss expert who can ever serve customised diets so tap her on her Instagram for your customized diet plan.

Shreya Sharma

Ms Teacher Lifts (@ms.teacherlifts) is a girl appearing as your fitness trainee. Shreya’s feed is often filled with Workout guides and what is a fit body. Also, one of the best parts of her fitness account is that it is filled with a lot of motivation for fitness. You could watch her working out, hear her giving you all the required motivation for you to work out and the work is done. You will feel motivated for yourself as she will give you all the reasons to do so.

Fuelled Nutrition

The Instagram handle, Fuelled Nutrition is yet another account at your rescue. You need tips for what you should be eating then this account is all set to serve you with the required knowledge of what you should be preferring to eat to stay fit and fine. Also, they make the process of being on diet, a lot easier by their cute doodles and infographics.

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