5 ways to check the Health of your Relationship

Here are five ways to check the health of your relationship

Thinking that your relationship is hitting rocks, but you really do not know what went wrong? Relax, here we bring to you some simple and practical signs to know how healthy is your relationship? A lot of things can be done to reach the root cause, but self- introspection is always advisable. So here are 5 ways to check the health of your relationship.

Here are five signs to check the health of your relationship


  • You are no more his priority

Whether it’s any Sunday or vacations, if he is spending more time with his books or anything else, you might be the victim of an unhappy relationship. Basically, holidays are meant for relaxing with your partner and not for romancing with your office files or books.

Health of your Relationship
Sitting together without talking
  • You people hardly talk to each other

Your relationship is definitely going through an unhappy phase, sitting at the dinner table or sitting quietly somewhere and not talking to each other! Then definitely it is not working, things can point that your partner might end up breaking this relationship. Take a call and if you feel you can make it right, do it.

  • There is a communication gap

Earlier it was like, any fights or any kind of improper conversation was sorted out with a heavy conversation. But now, there is nothing left to talk about. Even if you both are alone somewhere, there is hardly any conversation going on. This might be the call that your relationship is on its final leg and the next step will be the break -up or separation.

Health of your Relationship
Privacy becomes a sin
  • When office enters your bedroom

The office work and office tension should stay inside your office ONLY. The moment it enters your bedroom, your personal space starts getting disturbed. You put more light on your work than on your problems, you spend more time with your laptop than your real world and you talk more on your phone than with your real life partner.

  • Privacy becomes a sin

Privacy or spending some moment of solitude is everybody’s right. Intruding in your partner’s privacy is strictly not acceptable. Constantly interfering in your partner’s private life or stopping them from actually having one, can be a major sign that your relationship is on the verge of breaking down. Make sure you collect your stuff before it’s too late.

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