5 ‘Unspoken’ Gym Rules that every fitness freak should follow!

Gym Etiquette which is ‘not so common’!

Well, Gyming has become one of the important parts of our lifestyle. Youth has suddenly become health conscious and they spend their early morning hours in Gym. Apart from this, we all know fellow gym members who have been labelled dumb by everyone at the gym.  These are the people who do not follow the gym rules. If you want to stay out of this category, then you should stop doing stupid things in the gym and learn good gym etiquette.  Here are few unspoken rules that every fitness freak should follow.

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Here, we go!

1.Lifting too heavy and using poor form.: The number one thing that is going to get you noticed for all the wrong reasons is using poor form.  Yes, pay attention to it. And using poor form usually arises from lifting more weight than you can handle.  Unfortunately, this is a big problem in the gym since some people are in there to impress others just as much as they are to build a better body.  Always keep in mind that your body cannot take too much burden. Beginners often add too much weight because they are embarrassed by the amount of weight they lift.

What should you do?

You should analyze every exercise you perform by looking in the mirror.  If your form is off, work to correct it by changing your mechanics.  Remember, poor form not only makes you look like a totally new but it can also lead to injuries as well.

2.Getting way too fired up/excessively yelling/dropping weights: Sometimes you need to let out a yell or make some kind of noise while you are lifting in order to get that last rep.  This is natural. However, nobody needs to be yelling the whole time they are in the gym and throwing weights down after every set.  Anybody who does this is guaranteed to draw the ire of everyone else who is trying to get a workout.  It is especially annoying when a person yells only military pressing 45 pounds!

What to do?

As mentioned before, getting fired up or yelling is alright once in a while – especially if it helps you get an extra rep you never thought possible.  Just keep the noise to the minimum and save your fiery moments for when you accomplish something truly great.

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3. Not having a spotter for tough lifts: Some people prefer not to have a workout partner.  And this is fine if the workouts you are doing are not totally difficult. But you should always have a spotter on the more difficult lifts so you do not fall into the totally embarrassing category of being the guy who got pinned under his bench press.  It’s a gym take it easy and have a supporter.

What to do?

Even if you opt to go without a workout partner, you can find someone in the gym that will spot you.  Of course, it can be a little intimidating to ask another person for help, but it is a better option than having the same person has to rush over to help you when it is too late.

4.Having poor hygiene – i.e. having body odour, bad breath, etc: So, this is the most common rule. Before going to the gym at least maintain a good hygiene. Use deodorant before working out because eventually you will sweat and it will smell really bad. Have some refreshing drinks as well.

What to do? 

Get to the store and buy a freaking stick of deodorant or brush your teeth before heading out the door.  It is rude to bring your bad hygiene to the gym, and this can even ruin other people’s workouts if it is bad enough.  Those you who have an acidity problem avoid foods with high fibre before hitting the gym.

5.Failing to re-rack weights: While not having good hygiene is definitely lazy, failing to re-rack weights when you are done is the ultimate sign of laziness.  And we all know lazy jerks that do not re-rack weights when they are done with an exercise.  There is no gym maid who runs around making sure every weight is placed back on racks after people are done with barbells, so the only person left to deal with the weights is the next lifter who uses that equipment.  Failing to re-rack weights is not only going to prevent you from making friends, but it is a sure way to make enemies too.

What to do?

Every time you complete all of your sets for a certain exercise, you should re-rack the weights used.  It only takes 30 seconds or less to do this, and it will save you a lot of headaches by having to argue with fellow bodybuilders who are not happy with your lack of consideration.

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