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5 Traits Of Jealous People, Who Is The Rashi Behn of your Life?

We are here to discuss some signs that will hint to you about jealous people and how you can identify them

Jealousy is a natural feeling that arises when a person cannot accept someone’s success. Jealous people may even feel envious of their family, friends, or possession. At times, we may not be aware if someone is jealous of us or what made them jealous. Here are a few traits of Jealous people, here is how you can identify them. 

For example, if two people are working hard on their goal and only one succeeds then another one is going to compare his/her efforts and might get jealous. This happens because unfortunately, our happiness depends upon the result. However, if results are not according to us. And we find reasons to be jealous, angry, upset without even realizing that another person had also worked hard just like us. 

Well, sometimes it is difficult to identify jealous people. Therefore, we are here to discuss some signs that will hint to you about jealous people. 

Compliments are loaded with insults

There are times when our friends compliment us for our dress, makeup, look, or other stuff. But they often add a sentence, “you would look better or do better with that or this”. Yes, they are compliments with a bitter taste to it. If you also experience this then beware! That person is not really a friend. Rather they are jealous of you. 

They are copycats

Although some psychologists believe that copycat behaviour is often a sign of flattery but the case is not always the same. Someone envious of you may try to mimic your behaviour and copy every single thing about you. They could go as far as copying talking, walking, dressing, and hairstyles the same way you do. Even if you find it flattering at first, sooner or later, it’ll start to get really irritating.  The best you can do in such a situation is to try not to pay attention to such copycats. 

They are absent at your success party

success party

The last thing a jealous person desires is to be present at a get-together celebrating the success of another person. Not only does this make them extremely uncomfortable but it also increases their sense of insecurity tenfold. A jealous person gives excuses to avoid moments like this. They will just ghost you before you get a chance to ask them to join in the festivities. 

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They are great plan-spoilers

A sign that someone is jealous of you is that they will happily give you bad news on the pretext that they are helping you or doing you a favour. when you share your plan with them, they instantly tell you that it is surely going to get ruined somehow. The thing that comes to their mind is to create doubt in yours. Pay attention to such negative possibilities planted by such people.

They will humiliate you in front of other people

humiliate you in front of other people

Jealous people jump at every opportunity they criticize you or downplay your achievements. One great way to do this is by humiliating you in front of other people. You must be wondering what you really achieved? They want to establish their standing as a person. Secondly, they try to downgrade your credibility by dramatizing the entire thing in front of others. It is a complete no loss situation for them. 

Jealousy is an emotion that we all experience. It is a natural human feeling and little doses of jealousy is not something we should be overly ashamed about. 

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If we utilize this emotion positively, it can make us re-evaluate our lives and find exactly why we are experiencing these feelings and what actually is missing that is making us jealous.  However, there is a big difference between experiencing jealousy occasionally and being an inherently jealous person. So, if you find someone’s behavior exhausting then it could be jealousy. 

Look out for these signs and tell us how you handled your jealousy and jealous people.

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