5 Tips for Safe Networking Online while digitally acquainting with people

With COVID in view, the Importance of safe networking online increases more than ever

With the COVID pandemic, the one thing that almost all of us have learned is networking online. People, from the elderly to the children, have sought refuge in the digital spaces for communicating with their loved ones and to network with new people. And well, that space has done more good than any bad, but certainly, safe networking online concerns have always been there. Before the pandemic, meeting people online and having trust in them was not that easy but with online acquainting being the only option, people are functioning well with the same trend, especially the working-class professionals.

And well, networking online is no problem, but important is outlining the rules for safe networking online. Here are the tips for safe networking in the digital world –

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Be clear of the purpose as to why are you connecting with someone

You can connect with people for multiple reasons, personal and professional. If it is a professional purpose, then ensure that you keep your personal details to yourself. And even if it is for any personal purpose, then too, be mindful of what information are you sharing with the people online. Not that you can’t meet someone really healthy for your well-being during covid. People have made extremely good friends online. Covid SOS has sustained certainly on digital platforms. Yet being mindful of what is being shared is important.

Don’t share your personal information and credentials with anyone

Sharing personal information and credentials can be lethal for your online presence, and always involves scope for online scams. Be very careful with whom you are sharing your personal information. This can include your social media accounts, your Adhaar Card, Pan Card, bank details, etc. These are some of the basic things you would be needing to even submit perhaps when you entering into a new job, but be very sensitive of knowing with whom are you sharing your information.

Safe networking online
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If you are sharing images, beware of with whom are you sharing them

Your personal images are very much a private thing. But if they go into the wrong hands, the risks of misuse of the same are very high. In the digital space, and with a lot of image manipulation scope available these days, any person with malicious intent can misuse your image. Hence, be very aware of what images/ videos you are sharing.

Know about the medium you are using for communication

At present, there are plenty of platforms for people to communicate online. From Zoom and Google Meet to Discord, to Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc. All of these platforms come with their own merits and demerits. But for you, it is important to know all the features of any application you are using. For instance, Snapchat has the option of removing chats after the conversation, Instagram has to option of view once. Many apps send notifications if a person takes screenshots. So, these are some features that you can use as per your purpose.

Beware of the team viewing software

The team viewing software is the one that is generally used for official purposes where a person can remotely access someone’s computer. This software is extremely helpful to some extent but the person getting access to your computer gets complete access. They can perhaps access all the information needed. Hence, be very sure of with whom are you sharing your team viewing access.

So, these are some of the safe networking tips you need while acquainting with people online. Online networking has a lot of potential at present. You just need to be a bit conscious and aware to make it a healthy experience for you.

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