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5 Things to do before 2k19 bids goodbye because regret is stronger than gratitude!

5 things you should do right away because it is already November 2019

Anne Frank once said, Dead people receive more flowers than living ones because regret is stronger the gratitude.”  It’s true, isn’t? We all know time waits for none and see another year is about to end. Every year we make promises and make New Year resolutions but we hardly follow them. But there is something called “What if”? It makes us feel unsettled. Words ‘What If’ makes us feel about a lot of possibilities that could have happened but it didn’t. Here is a list of 5 things that you should do before 2019 bids goodbye. Do it right away! Holding on will not do any good to you & once the time is gone you will not be able to redo or undo it

1. Cut toxic people from your life

The first and foremost you need to cut out toxic people from your life. They are taking away your mental peace. Sometimes it is hard to imagine life without them but you need to do it. Start 2020 by deleting people you aren’t required and make space for people with the same vibe as yours.

2. Be Kind with your parents and love them hard

They might make you go crazy because they are aging. But all they need is your happiness, right? Be patient and kind to your parents. Spend time with them and let them know that they are your priority. A lot of people have regret later in their life that they could have been better children to their parents. As 2019 comes to end, it’s high time you realize that your parents need you.

3. Don’t be afraid of starting it all over again

Do you want a fresh start in your career? Then go ahead. Remember it’s never too late. Don’t be afraid of failing.  It is okay to fail than never trying for something that you really wanted.

4. Say Sorry to people who matter!

You might not be on talking terms with your good friend, relative or even a colleague. Say sorry, resolve your problems. You should never let go of people who stood with you in your tough times.

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5. Last but on the least don’t say Yes to a relationship because everyone else around you is getting “Married”

Getting married, having kids and starting a family are a part of life but it is not the ultimate destination. You are not seated on time bomb and nobody else can decide for you when to get married. Do not say ‘Yes’ to a person, you hardly know just because everyone else wants you to get married.

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