5 Things you need to know about cancer woman

Here are few things you need to know about cancer

As a water zodiac sign, a cancer woman gets easily tune in with her feelings and the feelings of others. If you want to date her, you should have the understanding of her mood swings. The ruling planet of this Zodiac sign is moon which makes woman this sign highly seductive and feminine. Attracting a man towards her is not at all a tough job because her inborn charm is enough to drive a man crazy.

Cancer women
Cancer women

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One of the challenges about cancer woman is figuring out what she really wants. Because of her own deeply emotional nature, she will expect you, as her lover, to be in tune with her secret wishes and desires. So if you ask your cancer girlfriend where she would like to go on a Saturday night she might say, “I don’t know’ you decide”, it is her way of telling you to go back on all your conversations over the last two weeks and glean the part where in a small voice she may have mentioned an antique shop tucked in a quiet part of the town that she has always wanted to browse through.

Before you get involve with one of these fabulous, sensitive creature here are few things you need to know about the cancer woman

Feeling sensitive

We cancer women do not trust easily. Cancer women are sensitive and feelingly passionate beneath their cold, hard shells. Cancers are extremely intuitive and gets easily hurt. Cancer women are sensitive to how her partner handles her feelings and desires and can edge away if met with indifference or aggression. The cancer women need to feel emotionally close to her lover, in tune with what he is thinking and feeling, in order to feel happy in the relationship.

A Cancer woman makes excellent friends and partner

Cancer women have several close relationships. Cancer women are very warm and immediately make friends, so the moment she meet your friends, she is going to charm them with her dazzling smile and they will fall love with her immediately.

She is all about romance

Cancer women
Cancer women

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She is all about romance. So you are going to get a lot of cuddles, butterfly kisses and breakfast in bed. But she wants the same in return as well. Cancer women are very exuberant. So once she falls in love with you, she will be planning one trip or another, or finding out about a new place to dine at.

Sex with cancer woman is like a slow dance

She will discover every curve and contour of your body, and give it everything she’s got. She crab loves being made love to, a feminine characteristic which is often on display by her in the bedroom. For a crab sex is equally important to love, home and hearth, so anyone who can make her secure will surely be treated with sudden and violent sensual treats. One more naughty aspect of cancer is that being a water sign they are quite fond of sex on the beach or in the sea.

She is always up to date with the latest fashion trends

Her wardrobe is always up to date with the latest fashion trends, but she prefers conservative styles. She is always smartly dressed and comes across as stylish. You would be so proud to have her with you.

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