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5 things to do on Diwali to experience ultimate ‘Happiness & Bliss’

This Diwali gift someone a priceless Smile, 5 things you can do to experience happiness

 The festive season is around the corner, roads busier and despite the pandemic, people are hitting local markets for shopping. (Don’t forget your mask and sanitizer) Well, 2020 was very harsh on all of us. With the festive season around, we all are hoping for better days, but deep down we all know it’s not going get over anytime soon. Everyone has gone through a lot in 2020.  Be it financial challenges, job losses, or people who lost their lives due to COVID. Migrant workers were hit hard by the pandemic and the pictures of their struggles were heart–wrenching.  Days are still gloomy and there is a feeling of uncertainty. In that case, it is important to spread some warmth, priceless smiles, and happiness.

Here are 5 things that you can do, especially this year. These will definitely fill you up with the feeling of joy and bliss. Try them and thank us later!

( Give them love because they deserve it) 

  1. Feed Animals or pay a visit to shelter: It was a hard year for animals too. Remember during the strict lockdown they starved for food? A lot of pets were abandoned as people feared that they spread COVID. Just like us, they deserve good food and love. Take out a small amount from your Diwali budget, and surprise these souls.

( Donate clothes who needs it)

2. Donate your winter clothes:   Soon the chilling winters will begin. In that case, you can donate your winter clothes ( which you don’t wear anymore) to the people who need it the most. Be it people on roads or someone who leaves in a shelter. This Diwali spread some warmth.

(Support local business ) 

3. Support a local business:  Our economy crippled this year and GDP per capita hit an all-time low.  A lot of businesses got shut and millions of people lost their jobs, this year everyone is looking for that extra money.  Look around if someone is in need, especially small business. Extend your support by buying their products and also by spreading the word via social media.

( Representational Image)

  1. Make your House Help Feel Special: Throughout the lockdown, the domestic help in India suffered a lot. Even after the restriction was laid off, a lot of them were not allowed to work as people feared COVID infection. Now, it’s that time of the year! Do not forget to make them feel special by giving them gifts. They are an integral part of our life. We should make them feel important “Kyunki unhe bhi apanapan lagana chahhiye.”

(Gift them smile) 

  1. Sponsor secret treats at an old age home: Not everyone lives with their children and not everyone gets a lavish lifestyle. People who work hard to build the future of their kids are often thrown away from their house once they get old. But every parent on this earth deserves happiness.  This Diwali, become someone’s secret santa. You can sponsor a secret treat at an old age home. Kyunki Khushi par sabka haqq hai !

If you want to sponsor any meal here is an option: It is verified 


You can do any of the above said things. They have the power to touch emotions and will fill you up with the feeling of hope, love, abundance and gratitude. Thank us later! Yeh Diwali Hope Wali.

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