5 things never to say to a woman

Little fights and arguments are a sign of a healthy relationship but these arguments can turn into massive fights if the guy says one wrong sentence which he just should not. A word or a passing comment, something relatively harmless can completely set her off. So guys here are the list 5 things that you should never say to your woman:

girlfriend and boyfriend

Girlfriend and Boyfriend

1. “My ex used to….”
Never compare your present girlfriend with your ex because in this way you would be just moving a little more into the lion’s mouth. It’s better to keep the comparison in your head rather than taking it all out in front of her.

2. “Do not become my mother!”
Let me tell you one thing very clearly that if she is extra concerned about you and cares a little more than all the other people in your life that does not mean she is acting like your mother! It’s the love she feel for you makes her do that. Instead of cribbing about it,appreciate her and give the same amount of love back to her.

3. “Is this your time of the month?”
Asking this question every time when a fight happens is not healthy at all. Her menstrual cycle has nothing to do with her tendency to scream and then burst into tears for no reason. Your job is to try to understand her point as this moment will also pass my friend.

4. “B*tch”
Never ever I repeat never ever in your life call your girl a ‘Bitch’ as you have completely no right to call her a b*tch over a stupid fight and calling her that will be like pulling the pin out of a grenade.

5. “Your hair stinks”
If she is a girl, her hair should always smell like flowers ? Seriously? Judging your girl how her hair smells is just not the right thing to do. Sweating is not a thing which happens to the boys, girls also sweat. A girl knows how to keep her hair tidy, clean and pretty but what if she had a rough day at her gym or practices ?

So think before you say anything to her.

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