5 Things Girls Never Want Boys To Do On A Date

Dating Etiquettes: 5 things girls never want boys to do on a date

You might be a dating master and might know all the classy tricks to impress your lady. But it really doesn’t matter, if you fail to impress her on your first date. You have to be careful on your date because first impression is the last impression, if you ignore doing some mistakes you can definitely build up your relationship, otherwise no one can help you guys….! Here are the 5 things that girls never want boys to do on a date.


Arrive Late

This is one of the most important rule that you have to keep in mind. No girl in this universe likes to wait for a guy on a date. She gets irritated and it really leaves a bad impression on her. So boys keep that in mind that you should reach on time if you are going on a date.

Brag Too Much

No girl want you to brag about yourself because they are least bother about your car, money, and bla!bla!bla! So never brag about yourself, and if you really do, so get over it right now!

Never Talk About Your Ex

To start the conversation she might ask you about your past relationship. You should never talk about your ex because she doesn’t want you to talk about your past love life.

Talk Rudely To A Waiter

If have fixed up your date in a restaurant ,club or any other place and the waiter has done some mistake like by mistake he poured wine on your clothes, so never disrespect him just be humble and calm. Handle the situation maturely don’t react so much because girls usually do not like it.

Stare At Any Other Girl

Girls want your 100% attention on them. Don’t dare to stare any other girl even if the girl is looking too hot because if you do so…damn sure you will be screwed.

So my dear friends next time when you go out for a date just keep these points in your mind. Be confident and make her feel comfortable to make best memories.

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