5 things every girl learns when she is single

Being single is as much amazing as being in a relationship is. Of course things are way different when you’re single but they are more fun too. Following is the list of 5 things every girl will learn when she is single:


Being Single

1. You learn the value of friendship
People in relationships have friends but when they are single they get more time to devote to their friends. They get time to understand the actually value of friendships.

2. The fun of going to a party alone
When you are single you do not have to depend on your partner to take you to a party, you master the art of making friends without having anyone by your side.

3. You learn how to solve problems on your own
Be it fixing your sink or solving a fight with your friend, you learn how to do things on your own and not depend on someone else to help or give advices.

4. You get your alone time
When you’re single you get your “Me time” to think and focus upon yourself. You get time to take some serious decisions of life and figuring out what exactly you want from life and all this helps you grow.

5. You learn that there’s so more to life than dating
When you’re single you realise that a boyfriend or a husband is not at all needed to give your life a meaning instead you learn to stay happy without them which is actually the first step to discovering things that do give your life a meaning!

Being Single is much more fun than we think it would be.

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