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5 Signs you need a Career Break and what can you do in that break

Why do you need a Career Break? What shall you be doing on your career break?

‘BREAKS’. In a culture that only and only glorifies and normalizes hustling, ‘taking a break’ is a thing that least appreciated. And when it is something about a ‘career break’ the situation will be even worse. Well, taking a career break should be a person’s personal and careful choice but there should be nothing that should be questioning the idea of taking a career break. And here, we are going to discuss the signs you need a  career break.

But before that, what’s a career break?

A career break is a period of time spent out of the working or away from one’s usual line of work. It’s also known as an “adult gap year,” because it’s a chance to broaden your horizons and try something new. While some people do have an option of taking a sabbatical for a particular period of time to explore and have a career break and rejoin after that. Many do have to quit the job altogether.

Career Break

What are the signs/ reasons that you need a career break?

1. You are missing the work-life balance in your life – You are always in a messed-up situation where you have no line between your work, your family, and your personal life. You are losing the sense of your hobbies, likes, and dislikes and work is what is keeping you absorbed all the time.

2. You need a break for personal reasons like Family and Health – Many people often ignore and dis-consider taking breaks from work even if their physical health is not well. But here, we are to validate personal reasons and physical health as absolutely mandatory reasons for a career break.

3. You are losing interest in your current job profile – Well, this is a good enough reason for you to take a step back, have a career break and rethink what you want to do. There’s is never a time that’s ‘too late’ for anything.

4. You feel empty and unsatisfied with your present profile – If your present profile doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, doesn’t help you be satisfied then you may be in need of a career break.

You want to explore something else – Exploring new things should always be appreciated. No matter at what career level you are at if you feel the need to explore new avenues, a career break as justified as anything.

Career Break

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What can you do during your career break?

Well, if it’s for health, personal or family reasons, then obviously, you need to look after them. But if exploration is your reason then here’s what you can do.

– Invest in your hobbies – Hobbies are the most underrated skills that a person has. Count on your favourite past times and hobbies, drawing, singing, playing the keyboard, guitar, and whatnot. Try your hands again on your hobbies and cherish that.

– Spend quality time with the people you love – spending time with friends, family and your loved ones should always be appreciated. Now, this is a break you have got, and in your exploration, these are the people who are going to play a really important role, perhaps not directly but by motivating you to think the right thing.

– Find somewhere to volunteer as per your interest – Nothing can be better than this if you want to explore. Find out any organisation as per your social interests and start volunteering. It will open new ways of thinking for you.

– Travel – Travelling is always considered therapeutic. Though, when safe. Of course, during the pandemic, it is not the best way in most parts of the world, but in the post-pandemic career break, you can surely consider it.

– Read, write, learn something –
 Investing in learning is always an investment with 100% results. So, educate yourself, read, write, learn about whatever interests you.

Think what’s next – Well, lastly, the last thing you could do when you are done with the above can be thinking about what’s next. Don’t put yourself in a state of existential crisis by thinking about this all the time. You have taken a career break to explore and that’s what you are to do. What’s next will hit you when you’ll be done exploring.

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