5 signs you are still stuck in your past!

Are you still obsessed of your Ex? Do you often check their Facebook , twitter or whatsapp profile then you are still stuck in your past and it can adversely affect your present and future.

Though it has been said more than once that one of the easiest way to get over one relationship is to get into the new one but you will never be able to enjoy your current relationship, if you will hold on to your past.

It is okay to think about your Ex often after all you have shared a lot together but if you will not close the last chapter, how you will learn about the new?


You are still holding on to your past

Here five signs that will prove that your past relationship is holding you back:

  • Online Research : Checking their profile once a year is fine, once a month is okay but if you do it weekly then you need serious help
  • You make comparisons: You compare your present partner with your EX
  • You do not want to move on : Even if you start dating someone else but deep inside the heart you hope that your ex might return someday
  • You always talk about them: Your every conversation involves him or her
  • You dream about them : Do you often day dream about you and ex falling love again

If you have all the above traits then it is important for you to learn the art of moving on. Because holding on to past will leave nowhere.

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