5 signs to find if you’re addicted to a TV show or not

There is a difference between loving a TV series and getting addicted to it. These days youngsters like us prefer sitting in front of the laptop and watching our favourite sitcoms rather than seeing shows on television. Here are 5 signs to find out if you’re an addict of your favourites TV series or not:


Addicted to TV

1. When you love making friends of the same mindset which means the people who loves the same TV series as you do. And those who don’t ? Well…

2. When you keep quoting lines from your favourite TV series to express yourself!

3. When you are dead curious about the next episode. This was a little obvious though.

4. When you absolutely love anything related to the show, be it memes,bloopers and behind the scenes. Feeling addicted much?

5. When there is time for the next episode to be released, you would go through all the old episodes. Like you can do this all day!

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