5 Signs that will prove ‘Aap hai Shaadi ke liye Taiyaar ’

(Love is in air)

5 signs that show its time to ditch your single life

Millennials may not admit it often but settling down is something we all desire, at any given point in our lives.  Flings, One Night Stands can be fun, but one cannot spend his or her entire life doing all this.  Well, there is no perfect age or time to get married.  It could be when you need stability and prominence in life. It could also be a reminder that it’s time to share your life with a significant other.


(Love is in air)

Here are five signs that prove ‘Aap hai Shaadi Ke liye Taiyaar’

1.You want to say ‘Bye- Bye’ to your Nomad Life: If you looking for stability in a relationship, then you are probably ready for marriage. You want to commit to a person and want to stick to him or her for the rest of life, then it’s time to take relationship on the next life

 2.You more into savings now: If you feel partying whole night is a waste of time, and you are more comfortable in your partner’s company, then it is a sign that you complete each other. You don’t spend unnecessarily and rather want to save for your future.

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3. You people have shared your insecurities with each other: As an individual, we all have some insecurities and  if you are comfortable sharing your insecurities with him/ her, then you are ready for marriage

(You want stability)

4. You can spot the difference between Love and infatuation: You can easily spot the difference between love and infatuation. In every serious talk, future plans, family problems your partner is always involved. Also, your relationship is no more about a couple of steamy sessions. It has actually evolved and you people are deeply connected to each other.

5. You don’t think about your past: You don’t have any desire of going back to your past. You are much, much happier in the present

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