5 scientific reasons why you should fall asleep early

Five reasons why you should Fall asleep early

Many of us are guilty for staying up awake for useless reasons and as a result, we end up feeling exhausted in the morning. Here is why you ditch your habit of sleeping late. Following points will explain you that falling asleep early has a lot of benefits and can do wonders to your health.

Many people are falling short on getting the recommended eight hours of sleep per night but this seems nothing new.

Clearly though, not everyone who fails to log enough shut eye actually has trouble in sleeping.

Plenty of us are just staying up too late or putting off bedtime in favor of other activities.

Here are 5 reasons explaining why you should fall asleep early:

1. End up worrying less

Compared to people who turn in early, those who go to bed very late are more likely to be overwhelmed with repetitive negative thoughts.

A study suggests that sleep disruption could actually be linked to the development of pessimistic thoughts. On the bright side, Psychologists suggest that focusing on good sleep habits can help.

Sure, falling asleep early won’t get rid of whatever problems that you are dealing with but now, we know that it really may help to put them in perspective, and a well-rested mind is better at dealing with emotions and problems.

5 scientific reasons why you should fall asleep early
Short of Sleep

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2. Get along with others better

Too little sleep tends to leave people feeling short tempered, irritable and stressed. Which means that little things that might not normally be a big deal can cause you to fly off the handle. Resulting in more spats and misunderstandings with those around you.

Being well-rested, on the other hand, will help to recalibrate your baseline. You will naturally feel more optimistic, patient, and relaxed even if nothing around you has actually changed, which means you will have an easier time coping with all of life’s little curveballs.

3. Safer commute

It’s scary to think about, but sleep deprivation can make you less alert and significantly up your likelihood of getting into a car crash. And tons of us are at risk:
Roughly 60% of adult drivers say that they have driven a vehicle while feeling drowsy in the last year, and what’s more crazy is that one third of them have reported that they have actually fallen asleep behind the wheel.

According to a report, people who sleep six to seven hours are twice as likely to have a car accident compared to those who sleep for 8 hours or more.

People who sleep for five hours or less increase their risk up to five-fold. Go for 24 hours without sleeping, and your skills behind the wheel are the same as someone who is drunk.

5 scientific reasons why you should fall asleep early
Fall asleep early

4. Productive at work

You are sitting at your desk after a super late night, staring blankly at the report that’s supposed to be due at noon — and nothing’s happening. That is because lack of sleep messes with your cognition, making it harder for your brain to perform basic functions like concentrating and remembering.

And it is not just the straightforward stuff that suffers. In fact, a recent study found that subjects performed 30 percent better on a puzzle after waking up from REM sleep than after waking up from non-REM sleep. Research has shown that sleep is essential for helping people solve complex problems too.

5. Maintaining weight will be easy

Reports suggest that the less sleep you get, the more likely you are to be overweight or obese. When you are regularly sleep deprived, you have less energy to exercise or make healthy food choices.

Plus, studies show that the later you stay up, the more you eat.

Our body’s internal clocks seem to be hard wired to prefer salty, fatty, or sugary foods after 8 p.m. Which might explain why night owls who stay up until 4 a.m. eat about 550 more calories than those who fall asleep early, say by 10 p.m.

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