5 reasons why Thekua is the ultimate snack we can eat anytime

Enriched with dry fruits and deep-fried in ghee, Thekua is an all-time favourite

Thekua has always been a special snack for people of North India, especially in Bihar. Apart from being a favorite sweet snack which can be eaten anytime, it holds religious importance for people of Bihar as it used as an offering in Chhath Puja. Every time a north Indian is about to leave his home for his job or education, Thekua always finds a place in the bag. It is a mother-made and mother-supported desi sweet snack which can rescue you from hunger at any time. For people who are not aware of Thekua – it is a biscuit-like sweet dish which is prepared using wheat flour, sugar/jaggery, dry fruits and deep-fried in ghee.  Here are 5 reasons why Thekua is the ultimate sweet snack we can eat anytime.

1. It is delicious

Obviously, being delicious is the first reason why we love Thekua. Enriched with dry fruits and deep-fried in ghee, Thekua gives the ultimate foodgasm. We bet you to refrain from eating a Thekua if somebody keeps it in front of you. In fact, we double-bet, you can’t resist eating it.

2. Can be consumed anytime, anywhere

Thekua is that snack which can be literally consumed anytime and anywhere. We know people who consume it as snacks in the evening and we also know people who eat it at breakfast. Literally, you could eat the delicious dish anytime. The best part of Thekua is you don’t need a proper dining place to eat it. Hands and a quiet place (in case you don’t want to share) is enough. You just need to grab the biscuit-like structure and eat the filling-food. You don’t need any complementary dish to support the Thekua.

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3. So many varieties

There are various varieties of Thekua. While some use whole wheat flour, there are some people who use refined flour. While some use sugar, there are some who prefer jaggery. Some people use dry fruits, others ignore it. Although desi ghee makes the Thekua delicious, some deep-fry it in refined oil. It can be made in any personal choice of variety.

4. Easy to make

Making Thekua is not that hard. One needs to mix the sugar/jaggery or the solution of jaggery/sugar made of water to the wheat flour to make a dough. A small chunk of dough is then taken out, rolled and pressed against the wooden mould (saancha) which is greased beforehand with ghee. The flattened piece of dough is then deep-fried in ghee or oil till golden brown.

5. Sharing is easy

Thekua is probably the most-shared dish of North India. Every time a Bihari friend comes from his home, our first question is -Where is my share of Thekua? They are so generous that they never say no. Sharing a Thekua is easy. Like biscuit, it can be broken into several pieces and distributed among friends and family (if you have a limited number of Thekua). However, we would recommend you to make it extra every time because it is never going to be enough.

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