5 reasons why you should switch to Youtube premium

Youtube Premium is a totally different experience than regular Youtube, Here’s how?

You love Youtube videos, but disturbing advertisements in between are spoiling the party which has led you to think of switching to Youtube premium. You are here because you want to know that investing Rs 129 per month for Youtube premium subscription is worth or not? Don’t worry we will answer your query. In India, Youtube premium starts with Just Rs 129 if you take a subscription plan. The two available pre-paid plans are Rs 139 for 1 month and Rs 399 for two months.  Here are 5 reasons why should switch to Youtube premium

1. Finally No Ads!

How many times advertisements have left us with absolute irritation while we were enjoying our favourite content? Many times we guess! With access to Youtube premium, you won’t have to tolerate those disturbing adds anymore.  Youtube is a completely different experience than the regular Youtube. Trust us!

2. Youtube Music ad-free

Youtube Premium also gives you an ad-free experience of Youtube music. It is a decent music streaming service which has over a million songs. It provides a tailored interface, allowing users to browse through songs and music videos based on playlists, genre and recommendations.

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3. PIP View

You could view the Youtube videos in PIP (picture in picture) mode too. It means you could browse other application while the youtube video will continue playing on your screen in the inset window. Also, Youtube videos can be played in the background and even when your phone is locked.

4. Access to Youtube originals

Many people find Youtube originals appealing as there are multiple shows to watch. However, we think that youtube originals are not for everyone. We didn’t like it, but you might like it. If you compare them with what Netflix, Amazon prime video and Hotstar is giving, youtube doesn’t stand in that queue.

5. Videos can be saved  for online

The Youtube premium allows you to save the Youtube videos offline up to 1080p resolution which you can watch anytime without the mobile internet or Wifi. This could be a very good feature for people who watch Youtube videos while travelling.

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