5 reasons why Netflix’s sex education is a must-watch

Netflix’s Sex education is an outstanding series to watch if you want good sex education

Sex Education in India is still a taboo for many parents so, it is a need of an hour. We are almost about 130 crores people in India and it continuously increasing. If you are worried about India’s growing population and how earth can satisfy our needs, this series is a must watch. Sex education is also a good watch if you want to know a great deal about the sex related myths, problems, curiosity.  So, here are 5 reasons why Netflix’s sex education is a must-watch.

  1. The outstanding cast

The cast of Sex education is outstanding and many of you will relate to various characters of the series. Gillian Anderson and Emma Mackey are a treat to watch in both the seasons. The best thing about sex education is that there are a lot of fresh faces who have done commendable job.

  1. It is educational

The show revolves around a boy Otis-played by Asa Butterfield whose mom is sex-therapist. Naturally, he picks up a lot of learning from her profession and starts a unofficial sex-therapy sessions to earn pocket money. You will definitely learn a lot from this series about sex-education.

  1. The Diversity

This series is not just about a specific race, gender, caste, religion or community. It’s for every ethnic background and even the LGBTQ community. The stories are progressive and hence you will always feel good watching each story get an ending apart from.. No I won’t give you spoiler!

  1. Attention to detail

Shows that are created with attention to detail and shot beautifully are remembered by the audience and Sex education is no different. It has a strong plot, relatable stories and episodes are shot beautifully.

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  1. The Abortion episode

Abortion is one of the most controversial and serious topics in India and across the world. Makers of movies and series often take a safe route while showing this via a story. In sex education, you will get to see a new version of them all. There is a scene in a movie where the girl has to decide if she wants to have the child or not.

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