5 reasons why it’s always awesome to have a Bengali friend

Perks of having a Bengali friend, here is all you need to know about sexy bongs

Friends always hold a special place in our lives. They are the one with whom you can share anything without any shame. India is a diverse country with millions of culture. One of sweetest people are Bengali. They are not only sweet but also hold a special charm within them. Just like their language, Bengalis or Bongs (as they are affectionately called) are sweet too. They are one of the most culturally evolved and artistically inclined people. Their ‘mishti’ behaviour always make us go crazy. So here are five reasons why it’s always awesome to have a Bengali friend.

Why it’s awesome to have a Bengali Friend
Why it’s awesome to have a Bengali Friend

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Here are 5 top reasons why it’s always awesome to have Bengali friend:

1. Their delicious foods and sweets

Bengalis are famous for making delicious fish and that’s true they make really very delicious fish. Hanging out with your Bengali friend and trying some mouth -watering dishes like ‘sandesh’ ‘macher jhol’ ‘rosgulla’ and other sweets is the best part of friendship. They have some of the yummiest fish preparations in the world, thanks to their coastal roots. Their hospitality in feeding everybody who comes home is legendary.

2. Their Funny and unforgettable nick names

Always remember your every bengali friend has a funny nick name. There will be hardly a Bengali household in India where folks do not have pet names. It is an even bigger tradition than eating fish. So, whenever you will go at your bengali friend’s place they will give you pet name too. And you will love it. They will make you feel at home and as loved as their own kids. Awww!!!

3. Bengali girls always make you learn saree

Bengali girls are best known for wearing perfect sarees. So, makesure your bengali girl hand will make you learn to wear perfect Saree.

Bengali Weddings are just amazing
Bengali Weddings are just amazing

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4. Their brilliant weddings

We feel it is reason enough to be pals with a Bong. Yes, their gorgeous wedding. If Punjabis have the most fun wedding, Bongs have the most colourful and beautiful one. Let’s not forget that the bride looks stunning in her Maa Durga-esque and their delicious menu are enough to convince you to marry a Bengali.

5 Their sweet nature

Bengali are sweetest people. It goes without saying that they are genuinely nice people, who stay far away from fights (at least, most do). Perhaps that’s what make them a great friend to have by your side as they will always be there for you. Their simple nature and loveable attitude will make them indispensable.
If foods, arts and sincere personalities (in that order!) are not the qualities you want in your friend, we don’t know what to tell you.

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