5 Reasons Why it is important to wear clean lingerie?

You must ensure that you wear clean and washed underwear every day

Everyone knows that it’s important to change underwear every day. Well, it doesn’t take so many efforts to change underwear every day, those few busy or lazy days can keep you away from doing it. As it is being an important part of your personal hygiene, wearing clean underwear will protect you from infections and rashes.

Dirty underwear can affect your confidence and make you feel uncomfortable due to the stinky smell. To stay healthy, ensure that you wear washed and clean underwear every day irrespective of how busy you are.

Wearing clean Underwear

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Reasons: –

  • Wear clean underwear because it won’t stink.
  • It’s better to stick to cotton underwear instead of silk or nylon ones. Cotton undergarments prevent infection
  • Wearing tight underwear can also lead to an infection as the moisture gets trapped.

Here are 5 reasons why you should wear clean underwear:-

1. It Maintains Basic Hygiene
Practicing good hygiene should be an essential part of your life as it is important for good health. Taking a bath, brushing your teeth, and wearing washed clothes every day are all a part of your basic hygiene. Wearing clean underwear is necessary for your own personal hygiene.

2. It Prevent Infections
Underwear helps to absorb sweat, but not changing it on a daily basis can increase the risk of yeast infection as yeast and bacteria thrive in a moist environment. A dirty pair of underwear may have bacteria and it’s result could be a urinary tract infection. To prevent infections, you need to ensure that you wear clean, dry underwear each day.

Wearing clean Underwear

3. It Prevent Rashes
Your skin may turn itchy if you have been in the same underwear and clothes for a day or two. Soon it starts with just an itch can soon turn into a rash or sore. If you notice a rash, clean the area and ensure that you start changing your underwear regularly. If it still doesn’t heal, visit your doctor at the earliest.

4. To Keep You Comfortable
The dirt, sweat, and bacteria can make you extremely uncomfortable. They could also come with a negative impact on your sexual life. Not only will the stains and itch make you and them uncomfortable, the other person is also put at the risk of an infection due to your negligence.

5. To Maintain High Self-Confidence
You must have noticed a strange odor from down there. It is a sign for you to change. Although the vagina cleans itself, the other parts remain dirty and need to be kept clean. This unpleasant smell and infection caused due to dirty underwear can affect your self-confidence as you may hesitate to have a social interaction.

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