5 Reasons why being best friend with your mom is pretty cool!

Whether you admit it or not but mothers are always our first and of course our best friends. None of our friends or even boyfriend or girlfriend could support us as she does right?

Yes, I agree she can drive us crazy sometimes but then we know it just a hard coconut with a soft core.

Here are 5 fantastic reasons why being friends with your mother is pretty cool:-

5 Reasons why being best friend with your mom is pretty cool!


1.You will always have a shoulder to cry on.

2.Her hugs are like no others.

3.She laughs at your stupid jokes even if they are not that funny.

4.Bitching session with her are always 100% safe.

5.She enjoys binge watching the same TV programmes as you.

Mothers are just like angels which God has sent for you so just respect her and do whatever you can do to bring a smile on her face and trust me you will get great happiness from that.

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