5 reasons why AAP returned to power in Delhi

Success Mantras that AAP used to win election 2020

AAP won the Delhi elections 2020 by a huge margin and returned to power for the third time. BJP despite making all the efforts, even playing the nationalism card, wasn’t able to attract the voters. Arvind Kejriwal led his party to win the Delhi Assembly elections by asking for votes in the name of work. The primary contest in Delhi was only between two parties- BJP and AAP.  AAP’s victory is not just limited to the good governance but also the strategy and campaign of the party. Here we are encoding 5 reasons why AAP returned to power in Delhi.

  1. Pro-Incumbency

Even the people of BJP cadre knew that AAP’s work in the last five year in the health and education sector is commendable. Although, there was no Kejriwal-wave like 2015 but people certainly pushed themselves to vote for a party who set an example for other states on how to govern.

  1. Free Services

Free is always good! Ain’t it. All the beneficiaries of free electric, free water and free transit were bound to vote for AAP.  It might not be a healthy-practice but how could you resist yourself voting for a party which gives you free electricity up to 200 units, free water and free bus rides for women.

  1. A lot of Advertisement

Gone are the days, when Arvind had to go out for lunch to accumulate funds for his party. They spent a good chunk of money on the advertisement. Didn’t you see those big banners, hoardings, local people with leaflets, website advertisement, TV advertisement, social media advertisement and many more?

  1. Lack of opponent’s face

There was literally no one standing against the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal in the Delhi Election. Neither did the BJP nor the Congress projected their face for CM candidate in the election. Like in the Lok Sabha election – Modi VS Who, here it was Kejriwal vs Who. Arvind used this weapon at various occasions asking the opposition to present their CM face.

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  1. Strategical planning

Arvind Kejriwal was a political activist when he entered into politics, now he has become a hardcore politician. It took some time, but surely he has mended himself and his party into a more than a decent political party. The AAP roped in political-management giant Prashant Kishor’s firm to prepare the strategy for them. However, AAP had understood how to approach the Delhi Election, a year before. Prashant Kishor made sure that AAP hits the right chord when it comes to connecting with people.

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