5 ‘Raavan’ habits that you need to kill in yourself this Dussehra

Instead of burning Raavan effigy burn the Raavan inside you!

Once again it’s time to burn the effigy of Raavan, but what about the Raavan that is inside you? Are you going to kill it? Once again children will be taught by elders that good spirits always win over the bad evils, right? Well, Raavan was a devotee of Lord Shiva but his arrogance and overconfident brought his end. We burn him every Dussehra but have you ever realized the amount of arrogance that we all have today? Our society needs a change and for it we have start to from ourselves.

Durga Pooja

So, today we are going to discuss about your 5 ‘Raavan habits ‘ that you need to kill

1. Never misuse the power (Kill arrogance): Ravana was a great Brahmin and one of the most learned men in history. But his desire to prove himself better than all the Gods was the reason of his downfall. When Lord Shiva had gifted Ravana his powerful sword Chandrahas, there was a condition that if he used it for the wrong purpose it would return to Shiva. This is because Shiva knew that Ravana was an arrogant Rakshas, despite being a great Brahmin. So, if you have power in any form while it’s political or anything never misuse it.

2. Don’t be always proud what you have (kill proud): Being proud of what you have is good thing but always showing it to others is not good. Having got the boon from Brahma that he would not be killed by Gods or other Rakshahas, Ravana thought he was invincible. As he continued his reign of terror, his proud mind failed to comprehend that eventually a human would kill him.

3. Respect women ( Kill rakshas): Women are not at all safe. So, it’s better to respect them. Ravana had violated the sanctity of Nalakubera’s wife Rambha, who laid a curse on him. According to the curse, he would not be able to touch a woman without her wishes. Ravana had abducted Sita as he did not care that she was a married woman.

4. Listen to others (Don’t hurt others): Ravana disowned his own brother Bibhisana when he urged Ravana to release Sita. Bibhisan advised Ravana to stop his conquests and killings, but Ravana never agreed. Ravana and Kumbhakarna were the evil asuras Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashyap in their previous birth. After their death they were further born as evil Mathura king Kamsa and Shishupal.Ravana had killed the bird Jatayu when he tried to stop him from abducting Sita. He had also abducted Sita in a cowardly manner; in the guise of a holy man.

5. Be a good leader ( Never torture anyone): Ravana was not the rightful ruler of Lanka but he seized the throne and he tortured the holy people of Lanka too.Ravana is the perfect example of the fact that being Dharmic is often not enough to refrain from committing Adharma. He was a being that had everything one could dream of, but his greed, arrogance and lust led him to the path of destruction. Even the boons of Lord Shiva and Brahma didn’t save him as he was a sinner.

Happy Dussehra!

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