5 problems every guy faces when his girlfriend wear too much make-up

Every guy wants his girl should look hot, here are 5 problems that every guy faces when his girlfriend wear too much make- up

Putting on eyeliner, mascara, foundation and lipstick is a part of the daily beauty routine for women. Every guy wants his girl to look hot but over make up can really turn off your guy. While man do appreciate their woman dressing up and wearing make-up, there is a thin line between smearing make-up to enhance your features and ending up looking like a clown. On a lighter note, men do get clueless when it comes to understanding why and how women wear so much of make-up. Here are 5 problems every guy faces when his girlfriend wears too much make –up.

Too much make-up
Too much make-up
  • When things are getting in bed and you are licking and nibbling her, but you end up with her foundation on your tongue, along with a thousand more contouring products.
  • When you bend down to kiss her hard, but end up tasting her lip gloss instead.
  • When you take her for a swim, finally wanting to see how she looks without all that make-up, but you had no clue that your girl uses water proof products.
  • When you observed that her eyebrow arch is like the wings of an eagle, but after she wipes her make-up off at night, the reality seeps in that she hardly has any brows. They were, in fact, just painted perfectly.
  • When she snuggles up against you in bed and boom, her bronzer is all over your white shirt now.

Interesting facts about make-up

  • The shimmer and shine that you get with some nail polish and lipstick comes from adding fish scales into the mix.
  • The cosmetic manufactures still haven’t found any better ingredient that does the job as well.
  • Teeth whitening toothpaste is no big deal these days, but, back in the days of the Romans, the girl had a rather unusual solution to the problem of stained teeth. They brushed and gargled with urine to get their teeth sparkling and clean.
  • Here’s one of those weird laws that has never actually been repealed. In the town of Morrisville, Pennsylvania, although no one actually upholds the law, officially a woman must have a permit before she is allowed to wear makeup.

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