5 places to visit for a vegetarian foodie in Delhi

Here is the list of 5 places to visit for a vegetarian foodie in Delhi

Delhi has always been the most preferred destination for food lovers. As the capital has innumerable varieties and multiple cuisines along with some of the delicious delicacies and exotic tastes, this city is a living legend from centuries. But, most people have a notion that Delhi only treats the non-vegetarian rather that’s not the case as Delhi has equally mouth-watering and exclusive food joints for vegetarians. So why wait? We bring you the top 5 places in Delhi that are just a must try for vegetarians out there! Here are the 5 places to visit for a vegetarian foodie.

vegetarian foodie
Vegetarian food joints in Delhi

1. Veg Gulati

This vegetarian branch of the very famous chain of Gulati restaurants is just a vegetarian’s delight! Gulati Restaurants are among one of the oldest and trusted names of the city. Veg Gulati has been famous for their North Indian cuisine. This place is located in Pandara Road Market, their ambience and services are truly commendable. Must try dishes would include Amritsari Churchur Paranthan and Dal Makhani. At a price for two which is approximately Rs. 1300.

2. Chache Di Hatti

One of the most popular food-joints of Delhi University’s North Campus, Chache Di Hatti is well known for their delicious and equally filling Chhole Bhatures. Located in Kamala Nagar, this eatery is an easily accessible place because of its fame and taste. Price for two would be Rs.80 approximately.

3. Kake Di Hatti

The delicious delicacies of Old Delhi have been always popular among foodies! Kake Di Hatti is an authentic Punjabi eatery, located in Gali Batashan near Fatepuri Chowk, Kake Di Hatti serves the traditional North Indian cuisine in a very pocket friendly value. Their Dal Makhani and varieties of stuffed Naan are a must try. Price for two would be Rs. 400 approximately.

vegetarian foodie
Vegetarian food

4. Rajdhani

This place is located in DLF Place Mall, Saket, Rajdhani has been famous for their Gujarati-Rajasthani cuisine. Another fine dining restaurant, Rajdhani is also known for their must try dish- Rajasthani Thali. Price for two is Rs. 900 approximately.

5. Naivedyam

Naivedyam is located in Hauz Khas Village, this vegetarian paradise is most popular for its striking ambience and South Indian cuisine. Must try dishes would include Rasam Vadai and South Indian Thali. Price for two would be Rs. 500 approximately.

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