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Kritika, a chemistry professor becoming food blogger shares 5 Best Places for Food Walk in Delhi

“I didn’t want it to be a food-specific page, it’s just that I am a big foodie.” – Kritika. Kritika is a chemistry professor who runs the page Enchant Captures along with her two partners, Chetna and Divyansh. Enchant Captures post some of the best food options in Delhi and their pictures have all the beautiful aesthetics required to give you a food Gasm. We chatted with Kritika who started the page. She discussed her journey with us and told us the five best places for food walks in Delhi. Catch our conversation here.

How did Enchant Captures’ food blogging journey start?

Kritika: I was very clear that I didn’t want it to be a food-specific page, but it’s just that I am a big foodie. My sister Chetna is a hotel management student so we are very much surrounded by food. So we lived exploring places and telling everyone about the same and that’s how our niche went towards food blogging more. The name is so because I just loved clicking photos and didn’t mean for my page to be food-oriented so not a food related name.

Kritika’s favourite go-to places in Delhi

Kritika: Oh many, but in cafes i would recommend, Nukkad in SDA with friends, Diggin and Amour bistro for dates, Breaking brew for great food and many many street outlets. For details you always can visit my page.

Kritika’s 5 Best Places for Food Walk

a- Jama Masjid

b- Lajpat Nagar

c- Chandni Chowk

d- CP & Mandi House

e- Kamla Nagar

Enchant Captures

A Food Walk Through the Streets of Varanasi

Pandemic for the food blogging industry

Kritika: Pandemic made us shift from recommending hotels or restaurants to more homemade cooking. For almost 1.5 years we didn’t go to any place for reviewing purpose.

All we did was make simple new recipes and upload. But the overall effect on industry hasn’t been great. The losses are huge. We now not only have to cover food but take care of safety precautions also and reflect the same to out audience as we can’t cheat anyone’s safety with our recommendations.

How they manage to work on the content of the page

Kritika: It’s a little difficult as all of us have our professional commitments but we take out time and manage it because we don’t wish to put our efforts to waste. This is something that gives us happiness so maybe we don’t stick to timelines every day but we keep ourselves active as much as possible.

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Challenges of the food blogging industry

Kritika: First is to explain to brands why they pay you except the so-called free food for your work. We are not in the business of eating food, we are here to taste and review it. It takes us hours to shoot and edit, meanwhile we never had hot food. That’s how we food bloggers are. And people don’t understand that. They feel it’s just taking pictures and eating.

Enchant Captures

Also, you get a lot of hate for the styling of cooking followed by different outlets and authentic places. So, not getting adequate remuneration and respect for the work is one thing that’s really a challenge.

Future goals of Enchant Captures

Kritika: For now all I wish is for our work to be recognised and appreciated. I wish it grows big and we can take this as a full-time profession someday or open our own outlet and promote it amongst our followers.

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