5 Parantha Places in Delhi everyone should visit at least once

Delicious parantha point to binge your heart out at!

Parantha originated from the north of the Indian subcontinent, but now it is a globally known food item and a very important part of North Indian breakfast tradition. There is no denying the fact that Punjabis kind of rule at food. You can say Delhi is a cultural cocktail. When we talk about parathas, whether the parantha stuffed with potatoes, paneer or chicken doesn’t really matter as long as we get a special and the homely feeling, especially if you are a newbie in the city, you must be missing the food back at home. If you do agree on this, then you are such a parantha lover.


Here are the best places to get delicious parathas in Delhi:-

· Parathe Wali Gali

This is the place which needs no introduction. From political leaders to celebrities, hundreds of thousands of foodies, and tourists alike everyone who loves parantha comes here to satiate their soul.

Approximate cost for two: Rs.150

· Kake Di Hatti

The magic of food ‘Kake Di Hatti’ is located in the famous market of spices, Khari Baoli, in the heart of Old Delhi. It serves a special kind of naan which looks like stuffed paranthas. They are baked in a tandoor oven instead of being fried in oil – thus making them smokier, lighter or healthier than any other paranthas you will ever come across. This place remains true to its promise of quality and health but without asking you to burn a hole and easy on your pocket too.

Approximate cost for two: Rs.300-400

· Chittaranjan Park Market

North India has its own varieties of paranthas, Bengal is crazy for Mughlai Paranthas. It’s no wonder then that you would get delicious versions of this rich and wholesome dish in Delhi’s own little Bengal, Chittaranjan Park. These Mughlai paranthas are stuffed with eggs, minced meat and some veggies, these paranthas will surely take you to heaven by its taste.

Approximate cost for two: Rs.200

Mughlai Paranthas

· Moolchand Paranthe Wala

Lajpat Nagar has a parantha corner to offer the Capital. Especially, after partying at late night, when your stomach growls for some inexpensive, yummy and filling food, head straight to the Moolchand Paranthe Wala’s stall. It’s one of the few of its kind that remains open till 1:00 am. Although Delhi is known for being dotted with such stalls, this is not just a regular stall like those. Moolchand Paranthe Wala has made its name for a reason and its signature dishes include egg and potato paranthas with their trademark garnish of fried chillies and chaat masala, raita, that’s the true power of your parantha on chilly Delhi nights!

Approximate cost for two: Rs.200

· Not Just Parantha

This restaurant is placed in Rajouri Garden, is quite the parantha paradise. Not just Paranthas is a restaurant which is trying to bring this old-world dish to the modern foodie. They have a wide variety of curries and kebabs to enjoy with the 100 (that’s right, 100!) types of Paranthas that they serve. You will definitely face some serious dilemma here choosing what to order and what to leave out because they have a number of creative combinations actually make it possible. Their service is also commendable, but do remember to make a quick reservation to avoid waiting in line, as this place is always in a hustle.

Approximate cost for two: Rs. 600-700

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