5 New Professions that are ruling our Country: Which one will you opt?

India is finally done with ‘ Doctors’ and ‘Engineers’! It’s time for a change!

The good part is that our Country India is finally done with so-called professions of Doctors and Engineers. Even parents are trying new professions for their children. The young generation is opting creativity and they are pursuing their talents rather than being a bookworm.  Many new creative professions have emerged that are more focused on the joy of creating and exploring than just making a living. These professions prove that we are a “Creative Nation’!

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Just take a look:

 1.Bot Mechanic: If you are an aspiring engineer, you probably already know that robotics can be a lot of fun! The scope of this field applies to entertainment, space research, forensics, medicine and any field where artificial intelligence is in demand. So rather being a boring engineer, be a creative engineer and pursue your profession passionately.

2. Dance Therapist: Love dancing? ‘Dayaben’ of your house? The concept of dance therapy is based on an underlying fact that you probably already know but never really get to apply – “The body and mind are connected.” Dance therapy is like a marriage between therapeutics and dance. If you just so happen to feel passionate about either or both of them, then you should certainly consider pursuing dance therapy.

 3. Digital Architect: This profession is in high demand too. You can shoot for the moon and give the idea of being a digital architect a go. The key requirement of being one is the ability to take customer experience related stats into account and use technological reforms to turn the same into a profit. Do not be a tele caller all the time.

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4. YouTube Comedian: The Internet has changed the world. Isn’t it? Now, it’s really easing making money online. If you think one-liners, puns, jokes come naturally to you and you have the gift of seeing life from a funny person’s POV, then make no mistake about it – your calling may very well lie in comedy. And given the role that YouTube has played in the lives of many-a-comics, it won’t be wrong to say that it is an excellent place to

5. White Hat Hacker: For a great deal of the white hackers out there, one of the primary motives behind taking up the profession is (quite simply) the feeling of being a ‘righteous badass’ that even the top hackers of the world fear the name of.

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