5 mobile apps that will treat the reader in you

Are you a bookworm? Here are 5 apps that you should definitely have on your phone

If you reading is your passion, and you just can’t get over it, then you should definitely have these 5 apps on your phone. If you feel that there is nothing that can replace the feeling of sitting on a couch and staying engrossed in your favorite book for hours. While we agree with that, we have created a list of apps for the reader in you.

Take a look at the list:

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  1.  Amazon Kindle: If you are an enthusiastic reader, then you will love this app. The Kindle app has books from a number of genres including action and adventure, business, economics, politics, religion, fantasy, and many more. It also offers a number of newspapers and magazines that you can choose from.
  2.  Goodreads: Goodreads is a social networking site for anyone who loves to read. It has a massive user base of 35 million members. One can start by creating a virtual bookshelf of the books that you have read and building a ‘to- be –read –list’ of books. It comes handy when you want to read any review of the book.
  3. Audiobooks from Audible: If you are busy and still want to enjoy your favorite book, then Audiobook is the best option. It will read out your favorite book to you. It is a great app for those who are visually impaired or have trouble in reading
  4. Instapaper: On Instapaper, you can save web pages in offline mode but because of its reformatted text and easy to –read- layout, you get an altogether different experience.
  5.  Pocket: Do you often find yourself reading when you are supposed to do anything else. If yes, then pocket will be really helpful for you. Next time when you are forced to stop reading an interesting article on the web, you can save it on pocket and can read it later.

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