5 Minute Hacks That Actually Work!!

Tired of phony hacks? Here are some hacks that actually work!!

The world of 5 Minute Hacks videos is not new to us. All of us know that these videos are clickbait and only waste our time. In fact, there are many hacks shown in these videos that can actually be quite harmful. Based on unverified facts, these hacks are there just for the views. 

But there are some hacks that actually work. We are here with a list of hacks that actually work and are backed with logic!Grate Your Frozen Butter

  • Grate Your Frozen Butter

When in a hurry and need softened butter, try grating it just like cheese. Grating frozen butter increases the surface area and greatly cuts down the temperature. The heat from the kitchen will work its magic and soften the butter quickly.

Crayon Candle

  • Crayon Candle

In the era of electric lights, we hardly see candles strewn about the house. It’s very difficult to find one especially at times when needed the most. Worry not! If you have any wax crayons lying about, light up the tip. A full size wax crayon can burn upto one hour.

shopping discount

  • Can’t calculate discounts?

If you have a little difficulty calculating discounts or percentages in general, try reversing the numbers. For example, if you need to calculate 17% of 50, then try calculating 50% of 17. The answer will be the same and calculating one is always easier.

Food too salty

  • Food too salty?

Well, it happens. Sometimes there’s too much salt in a soup or stew. In that case, add some chopped potatoes into it. Adding potatoes will help reduce the salt content greatly because the unflavored potatoes soak up the excess salt. Cook the potatoes for a while and take them out. There it is..your food with less salt.

No- tear Onions

  • No- tear Onions?

Seems like a dream right? Onions are usually the reason we all cry. Almost every day, we cut onions and probably shed tears too. But this can be prevented by the presence of just one simple ingredient. Water!

The chemicals released by onions on cutting are attracted to water. The water source it generally finds is our tear ducts which is why we cry. Try giving it a new water source. Wet knife, or wet dishrag near the chopping board when cutting onions is a good idea. The chemicals will be attracted to it and you’ll be tear free. 

Cleaning up shattered glass

  • Cleaning up shattered glass?

Cleaning up a shattered glass piece is a tricky business. Picking up the big pieces is easy. But what about the tiny ones? Sweeping doesn’t always work and there are a lot of pieces that are still left behind.

Try dabbing a piece of dough on the surface. The sticky dough will collect all the little pieces within itself and your surface will be glass free again.

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Removing a stuck ring

  • Removing a stuck ring?

Removing a ring stuck on your finger could be a nasty business. Things like oil and soap can only work to an extent. In that case, try removing it with a piece of thread.

Wrap the thread around the whole finger in a spiral. Slip one end inside the ring. Now, pull at that end of the thread in a circular motion. This will help move the ring little by little and you’ll be able to get it off. 

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