5 mind-blowing beauty hacks of Ice cubes that will make you look gorgeous instantly!

New Beauty Secret Revealed! How to get gorgeous look instantly?

Wash your face regularly with water to keep your skin clean and fresh. This is an advice you always come across. Isn’t it? Well, it seems that summers are not ready to say goodbye to us and we must this is the toughest time for your skin. So, how about finding a skin care solution that is not only natural and effective, but also refreshing? Here are few best ways in which you can use ice to beat the heat and stay fresh.

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1. Get rid of unwanted pimples: Well, nobody likes to have pimples. It’s frustrating sometimes but no need to panic. Take some ice cubes and wrap them in a cloth. Apply this cloth on the eruption for about 10 minutes. This would neutralize the blemish, decrease inflammation and redness, and diminish the swollen pores.

2. Give boost to your make up: Before starting with your foundation routine, softly rub your skin with ice cubes. You will feel pleasantly refreshed; also the ice will minimize the size of pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines on your face. This will also make your skin very supple and will prepare it for perfect makeup application.

3. Stay on lipstick: When you are going to attend a wedding or going for an all-night party, you would obviously want your lipstick to last through the night! Girls no need to spend pocket full money on buying expensive lipsticks. Try this simple trick. After you have applied your chosen lipstick, run an ice cube over your lips to seal the colour. This will definitely help your lipstick to stay-on for a very long time.

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4. No puffy eyes: This is a major problem we all go through. It is quite obvious that if you had a late night, then you would land up with swollen eyes. To reduce the appearance of puffy eyes, wrap a cloth around few ice cubes and hold it over your eyes. Do this for a few minutes. The cold ice will reduce the swelling and will make you feel absolutely refreshed.

5. Ice as a homemade facial: All you need is– warm water, green tea bags, Vitamin E capsules, ice cube tray and some toothpicks. Prick the Vitamin E capsules with a toothpick and keep them separately. Now, dip the green tea bags in a jug filled with warm water till the water changes its colour. Pour this liquid evenly in an ice cube tray and leave it in the freezer to semi-set for about an hour. After that, take out the tray to make sure that the cubes are not too hard. Then place the toothpicks in between each ice cube, and allow it to set well.

After this you can pull out the cube with the help of the toothpick and massage it all over your face. Enjoy your quick and easy home facial. So, this one is a natural facial that will definitely enhance your look.

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