5 Major Things to Know before buying iPhone 7

5 Major Things to Know before buying iPhone 7

Bigger than Bigger; Iphone7/7plus

5 Major Things to Know before buying iPhone 7:- Apple Inc has officially released iphone7 and iphone7plus in the Indian market. With much woo happening all around for iphone 7 there are several things one must keep in mind. Though Apple in its two-hour-long event tried explaining every aspect and feature that is upgraded in the iphone7. We all are even then puzzled about the cons and pros of Iphone7.

Here is a list of 7 long things to know before buying an Iphone7 –

5 Major Things to Know before buying iPhone 7
Coloring range of iPhone 7 and 7 plus
  1. No-Headphone-Jack: Yes! You read it right. Iphone7 has no space for headphone jack. As apple claims that the 3.5mm port technology is out of date and there is no need of continuing an old school logy. However, still there will be an apple lighting connector technique to plug in to the same port that of charging.
  2. Camera, particularly two of them: Both the iPhones have a 12-megapixel camera and they include optical image stabilization. This was only available in the Plus models before. Moreover, the phone will help correct any slight shake of hand or even make moving shots easy to capture. The aperture is also larger and there is a ‘6-element lens’ that will enhance brighter photos and videos. The wonder experience does not end here; one camera will provide telephoto lens and the other one to provide a SLR effect in terms of depth of filed capturing.
  3. Home button is less than a button:  Iphone7and 7plus will still have physical imprint of a home button but it’s a non-motion feel when you press it. You will feel vibration when you press it because of the taptic engine that is inbuilt.
  4. Introducing new generation chip:  A10 Fusion: This up-gradation of A10 fusion chip is the smartest and most powerful chip in the apple series smart-phone. The Fusion built chip in the iPhone7 is a four-core processor with two high-power cores for handling system’s intensive tasks and two high-efficiency cores for less intensive processes to save the battery life. Thus claiming the iPhone7 series remains to have a longer battery life experience.
  5. Brake-charging-speed: There will be a longer battery life but not declining the fact that charging time will suck up the most. Yes, slow charging processor 5-watt-charger. Apple made no mention of the quick charging but apparently the iPhone7 will not charge as fast as Flagship Android Smart-phones.

-Indeed, bigger than bigger.

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