5 Interesting Reasons to Date a Delhi University Girl

Here are some reasons why you should date a Delhi university girl

• DU Girls are DESI
• Easy going
• Big Fashionistas
• Very Entertainer
• Very Entertainer
• Very Big Foodies

Dating a DU girls
Dating a DU girls

The University of Delhi is a renowned central university of India. But the girls of Delhi university are more popular then the University itself. By the virtue of its sky high cut off lists. The university always remains packed with the best crowd in the capital. Delhi University girls have always been one front burner. DU girls are just too perfect in everything. They are smart, sassy and charming. Girls who entered Delhi. Here are few reasons why Delhi university girls are coolest amongst all girls.

• DU Girls are DESI

They are not just classy but they are Desi too. If you ever see somebody passing comment or someone does wrong with them they can answer him in the most Desi style.

Dating DU girls
Dating DU girls

• Easy going:

They are very easy going. You can talk to her about anything and she will always be there to solve your problems. She will easily get along with you and her friendly attitude will drive you crazy.

• Big Fashionistas

Delhi girls are blessed with a sense of fashion. They are an expert in buying anything from Sarojini Nagar clothes to the branded one. To date such a diva will sure make you star as well.

• Great Entertainer

They are great entertainers. You will never get bore in their company. She is always ready to party. She will leave no mile in making your days fun.

• Very Big Foodies:

Delhi University girl are very big foodies. Unlike other girls are with their diet plans, DU girls are just very foodie. From Indian to Chinese, they eat everything, if you are a foodie too. You will be in for a treat.

8 Amazing Perks of Dating a Delhi University Girls:

• She is comfortable with all modes of transport

• She has seen it all, so she respects originality

• She doesn’t get fazed easily

• She can rock absolutely anything

• She know the best place to go for a date

• She is extremely self sufficient

• She is totally comfortable with talking charge

• She doesn’t mind making the first move

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