5 Indian Chefs who have contributed healthy eating habits with their recipes & we are thankful to them!

Happy International Chef Day: Shoutout to 5 India chefs who always promote eating healthy

20th October is observed as International Chefs’ Day. This day is essentially known for educating kids about eating healthy and appreciate the efforts of chefs in introducing us with the food and recipes all around the world. It is seen for chefs to pass on their knowledge and expertise to the next generation. Chefs are one of the most underrated people when it comes to occupation as we see them as someone just cooking food. But, let’s wear a different lens and know about the chefs who have contributed to changing the eating habits of the generation.

5 Chefs who have contributed to changing eating habits of the generation


1. Amrita Raichand- The Magical Mom

Amrita Raichand, a well-known face in the food industry who came with a show, Mummy Ka Magic became one of the favourite mummies as she used to tell healthy recipes for children in ways, children won’t mind eating. Putting her creativity, flavours and love for healthy food in a tiffin box, Amrita came up with a lot of worth craving recipes for children. In the series, she used to make food for his own son, Aditya giving way to other mothers to pick up the healthy recipes she is proposing.


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2. Saransh Goila- Remember FOOD FOOD Maha?

Among the famous faces in the food industry is Chef Saransh Goila who is also the founder of a well known Mumbai Based Restaurant, ‘Goila Butter Chicken’. Goila was also invited as a guest in Masterchef Australia where contestants were required to cook versions of Butter Chicken. Where he has done amazing shows and given the world, some really interesting recipes, his one of the most renowned show had been FOOD FOOD Maha Challenge where he used to make a healthy version of a popularly known unhealthy dishes. He used to share recipes and which could help compare the difference in the calorie intakes in the popular recipe and his healthier version of it.

3. Apoorva Kunte- The Creative one

Chef Apoorva Kunte is basically a chef who accumulates creativity in food. He is well known for his work in including immunity-boosting ingredients in his every food menu, basically in the form of smoothies, sauces, coulis, raw salads, sauces, coulis, curries turmeric, lime, basil and acai berry etc.

4. Manish Mehrotra – A man who understands the raw menu well

Manish Mehrotra is one of the well-renowned faces who had won awards like Foodistan, Vir Sanghvi Award, Best Chef of 2010 & 2012, a television cooking game show by NDTV GoodTimes, HT City Crystal Awards, American Express Best Chef of the Year. Looking at his journey, he had invested a lot of time in the farms in the Philippines to understand the value of ‘raw’ menu and hence furthered with eating and making healthy food. In fact, his time at Zehen led to the birth of a new food movement altogether.

5. Ranveer Brar – Our Favourite

Another well-known faces promoting food and health is Ranveer Brar. He had hosted several shows including Snack Attack, Homemade, Health Bhi Taste Bhi and Breakfast Xpress to name a few. He is a believer of the fact that eating right is about picking the right kind of food and cooking healthy not just one day but on daily basis. His health times are more of an interesting twist in the daily menu and won’t really be a toll on your taste buds.

So, here are a few chefs who have contributed to changing the eating habits of the people in India. We wish all the chefs and foodies out there, the best wishes of world Chefs’ Day. Eat Healthy, Stay Fit.

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