5 important things you should know about Chandrayaan 2

Chandrayaan 2
Chandrayaan 2

Chandrayaan 2 has been launched at the budget of 978 crores

ISRO launched India’s most ambitious lunar mission Chandrayaan 2 on Monday at 2: 23 PM from Sriharikota space station, India.  We are so proud of our country after India successfully coursed to its second lunar mission. The Chandrayaan 1 was the first one to search water on the surface of the moon. NASA helped India in the first mission but Chandrayaan 2 is the solo adventure of India.

Here are 5 important things you should know about Chandrayaan 2

  1. India’s first landing on the Moon!

     Chandrayaan 2 will be the first attempt for India to soft-land on the moon. Chandrayaan 2 has three components, the Orbiter, the Lander ‘Vikram’ and the ‘Pragyaan’ Rover. The Orbiter will orbit around the moon, the lander will soft-land on the moon and deploy the Rover which is a six-wheeled artificial-intelligence powered Rover.

  1. India joins the elite group of countries to land on the moon

India will join the illustrious group of companies who have tried to soft-land on Moon. United States, China and the former the Soviet Union have earlier tried to soft-land on the moon.

  1. This is the first Space mission to land on the South polar region

This is the first space mission which will have a soft landing in the South Polar Region of the Moon. None of the countries has ever explored or sampled the terrain of the South Polar Region of the moon.

  1. Space mission at an economical cost of engineering

The total cost of Chandrayaan 2 is just Rs 978 crores which convert to $142 million in US currency. Mission cost is Rs 603 crores and launch cost id just Rs 375 crores. This cost is less than half of the total budget of Avengers Endgame movie.

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  1. The mission is led by “Rocket Women”

This space mission is led by two women Scientists Ritu Karidhal and Muthayya Vanitha were leading the projects for all of its main components.  Ritu Karidhal is the Mission Director and Muthayya Vanitha is Project Director for Chandrayaan 2.

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