5 Hilarious Videos by Misha Agrawal that will make your Weekend!

Misha Agrawal, a girl who never fails to make us laugh hard!

There is a plethora of content available on social media these days but not every content is worth a watch.  Well, social media content creation is not child’s play. It needs constant effort. Be it writing the script, shooting it for promoting it at the right platform, content creation or being a social media influencer is no less than a full-time job.  Apart from constantly creating content, coming up with different content all the time remains the biggest challenge. But the good news is – there are people who serve us with interesting and engaging content all the time. There are many content creators who made us laugh hard but our favourite remains Misha Agrawal.

Misha Agrawal is one of the most impactful and creative content creators.  Her videos are funny, witty, sarcastic, and full of expressions.  Her subtle art of roasting has all our hearts. If you are having a bad, tune into her videos and thank us later recommending.  Her videos will hit the right chord and will make you laugh hard. Notably, Misha has two elder sisters and is currently pursuing BALLB. The 20 – year –old videos are so on point that they will leave you stunned.

As the weekend is around the corner and if you are feeling low, here we bring to you 5 hilarious videos of Misha that will make your weekend!

  1. Misha’s interesting tips to Move on! Toh Kya aap kar pa rahe hai?

In this interesting video, she talks about she keeps checking Ramesh’s profile. As we all know it is easy to move on but we don’t like easy things, right? This video is relatable AF.

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2.  Honest Fake Feminist

She took a dig on women who call themselves feminists but they are not. It was a sarcastic take on things we see around us but hardly notice. It reflects the mindset of our society. Just like she said – Mai Independent hoon, jab tak koi amir ladka Rishta le kar nhi aata.

3.  Honest Break Up Ki Kahani

Have you ever thought of preparing UPSC exam after your break-up? Yaar Agar intkaam nhi liya toh kya kiya? This video is hilarious and will crack you up.

4. Honest Patch up Hua hai aapka?

Have you ever blocked your friends for your partner? Misha explained how we  react jab break up ke baad text ata hai?

5. Mai Engineer Hoon – This made me laugh hard!

This one is for all engineers! To be honest, this is our favourite video so far. Tag your Engineer friends Jo Kota hai hi reh gye .

If you haven’t checked her profile yet, do it right away and you will get content full of humour and sarcasm.

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