5 Hacks That Can Make Your Periods Days less Miserable

5 things you can do to make your periods less painful

Though menstrual cycle is a sign of healthy female body, but still when it knocks on our door we feel miserable. It gifts every girl with at least one problem like mood swings, terrible breakouts or painful cramps. And to make it worse we treat period as something that doesn’t exist and feel too embarrassed to admit or talk about it even in case of emergency. We try to come up with creative strategy every month to hide this unspoken truth from the world. The funniest thing is we treat sanitary napkins like bomb while carrying it to washroom or buying a packet from the shop. Some of these things and attitude will take time to change but you can definitely make you period life bit easy with these following hacks:

I hate Periods

1. Always keep spare panties with you in your backpack: If you know that you are going to leak out blood onto your undies is inevitability, so why not keep spare panties with you in your backpack.

2. Get a heating pad that doesn’t require an outlet: Heat stimulates blood flow and lessens pain cramps, it feel really nice

3. As you know you are going to be crazy so plan your period snacks ahead :Some good things you can include in your snacks during your period days are fatty nuts like almonds , oranges, bananas, and a little bit of dark chocolate to this can save yourself from the tempting craving actually.

Hot Water Bag

4. You can start taking painkillers two days before your period starts: Don’t wait until you’re in a ball on the floor. The hormone which spikes a couple of days before your period to trigger your body into its menstrual cycle just to avoid the pain you can take painkiller.

5. Eat some dark chocolate: Dark chocolate can help to fight with cramps.

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