5 Habits that will make you more Professional at work

5 Habits that will help you to become more Professional at work

In the era of social media, maintaining professionalism has become a bit difficult task.  These days we have Whatsapp groups to discuss work, we are on each other’s social media accounts, and we share meme and joke with our seniors too, but this not a healthy practice in a long run. A lot of times this can lead to some awkward situations.  Social media is impacting work culture and making people unprofessional.  We all know the power of Social media but the excess of everything is bad. Talking about the current situation, then cutting off on social media is next to impossible. Apart from it, a lot of times we need to inculcate a few habits to become more professional. If you are trying hard and putting all your efforts, and still not shinning, then your behaviour could be a problem. Here are 5 habits that can make you more professional.

1. No ‘BFF’ at Work

You might share a really warm bond with your co-worker but you should not be discussing your private affair with him or her. Maintaining the distance is important.  You might really like someone and have full faith in him or her but when it comes to the workplace, you know how the world works. So, keep your secrets to yourself. Don’t reveal them. Be friendly with everyone but don’t go overboard.

2. No Late Night Conversations

This is for both employee and employers. There should be no work-related conversations after working hours.  Giving instructions ( Boss) asking for approvals after working hours isn’t professional. So, make it a habit. Don’t drop a text until or unless it’s not very important.

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3. Leave Grudges in office only, don’t take them personally

You need to understand that everybody is here to work.  Take your salary home, not grudges. Once you leave the office, stop discussing it. Don’t take everything personally. Make sure you greet everyone and give your 100 per cent to your work.

4. Self – Analysis is important

Stop finding faults in others. There is a simple formula- “If you want that people should respect you, then first you need to respect others.”  It’s a Give and Take Formula.  Rectify your mistakes and stop poking nose in all matters of the office. It will make you professional and will make you productive too.

5. Personal Life shouldn’t be discussed

This should be the foremost rule. One should never discuss personal life at work. You are going there to work not for discussing your issues with your in-laws.  Discussing personal life can affect your image. People can form a particular notion.

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