5 Funny Videos by ‘Dhakad Reporter’ on COVID-19 that will crack you up!

Dhakad Reporter aka Harsh Rajput’s videos of COVID- 19 will make you laugh! But don’t forget to use earphones

The pandemic is taking a toll on our mental health, especially since the second wave of the corona has shattered all our hopes. India is going through a tough time. People are struggling for oxygen and beds. Social media is flooded with Help request and heartbreaking pictures from all across the nation. In that case, it can be hard to be at peace. Continuous consumption of negative use can drain your emotional and mental health.  A lot of health experts have advised that people should keep taking a break from social media for the sake of their mental health.  You can also watch some funny videos to lighten your mood. Well, there are people who are creating content that will instantly crack you up. One of them is Dhakad Reporter, who is making hilarious content on COVID19.

Dhakad Reporter aka Harsh Rajput is a YouTuber who makes funny videos with a message too. He keeps schooling people for not wearing a mask or getting married in Corona in a hilarious way. Recently, he schooled a groom for getting married in the pandemic. The video went viral and people just couldn’t stop laughing. Here, we have listed out 5 videos he created that are funny AF!


Without any further delay, let us take look:

1.Corona Mai Shaadi Mat Karo Na

Some people are hardly understanding the seriousness of the situation.  All they are doing is Shaadi! A lot of people asking their partner “Mujhse Shaadi Karogi” that too in Corona. Harsh Rajput decided to send out a social message. This is a funny yet informative video. Getting married in corona could risk many lives and can act as a super spreader.

2. Mask Kahan hai?

When he decided to teach people the importance of Mask. A lot of people were not taking masks seriously, especially in rural areas. People had stopped wearing a mask and taking other important precautions. He decided to school people about the importance of wearing masks.

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3. Step out only for Essential Items

He creates videos with the name of Dhakad Reporter & creates them just for fun. In this video, he has schooled people for stepping out without any reason. Keeping the current situation in mind, one should not step out without any reason.

4. Corona mein Banking

Be it banking or any other work. Do not step out if it is not urgent. With every video, he decides to educate people in a funny and desi style. His videos are being widely shared on social media. At a time of distress, videos like this bring a moment of relief along with them.


5. Common man on Night Curfew

It is another funny video on covid-19, where he asked people about the Night Curfew and people have some hilarious responses. In his unique style, the Dhakad reporter teaches them not to step out during the night curfew.

Well, before you surf this channel on Youtube. Please note do not forget to use earphones. In fact, every video, in the beginning, has a caution for the same. The videos contain some foul and bad words. The Youtube channel has 100k+ subscribers on Youtube and 7k followers on Instagram. Watch his videos and light up your mood during this tough time. You can check out his page and channel and can thank us later.

Note:  We urge all our readers to stay safe and stay at home! Help others if you can and keep educating people around you.

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