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5 Friendship lessons that every girl should learn from boys!!!

Friendship among boys is a non-bailable relation

Call it a blessing or a legacy; boys are quite famous in celebrating their friendship each day. From the word bhai to the nationally accepted mild abuse is called a journey in friendship for boys. The Bro-mance and the unmatched Bro-code is evident in all spheres of life from colleges to the working space. The friendship took over the nation’s attention after several web series and trend setters in cinema like ‘Zindagi na Milegi Dobara’ , ‘3 Idiots’, ‘Yeh Jawani hai Diwani’, ‘Sholay’ and so on. Here are five ways which makes the friendship in boys understood:-

1. I got your back BRO!!

Boys or say men have each other’s support in every Ps and Ts from helping them to get out of a situation be it a personal crisis or financial crisis. There is an obvious understanding amongst them when it comes to handling a situation like when you get late to meet your girlfriend and she is angry, then trust me some excuse with global interest will pop up.

2. It is yours only, take it!!

Falling short of clothes, all dirty? No worries!! Boys have the code of clothing where they share their wardrobe with no hesitance. The time of an emergency needs immediate attention just like boys do. Fits or it doesn’t is hardly a matter of concern for boys while dressing.

3. We had a fight, really?

When it comes to a girl, she remembers every minute detail of a fight from words used to all past mistakes and takes it to the end. But the scenario changes completely when it is about men it takes maximum 10 minutes to forget a fight even if the fight included some physical hospitality.

4. Hushh!! Keep it between us

Girls are already defamed of gossiping a lot and keeping the secrets, but in the case of men code of trust is kept way better because they forget what was shared with them. Call it irresponsibility or carelessness but somewhat they keep the secret.

5. Bhai-Bhai

The patent line of all men says “yaar hai Tu Apna” which gets them going. Every time some work which is stuck due to a reason and you find a ‘yaar’ there and boom it is done. Found a man wearing the same t-shirt, there it is Bhai-bhai. Men have an art of making every little moment a big one. So give a choir to “yeh dosti hum nahin todenge”….

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