Jab We Met Has A Hollywood Copy! 5 Foreign Movies Inspired By Bollywood movies

Here is a list of foreign movies inspired by Bollywood movies

Bollywood is often criticized for copying movies from Hollywood or other foreign languages and are often shamed for lack of originality as well. However, there are times when Bollywood has come up with such good films that even Hollywood cannot resist itself from copying the script. Moreover, they end up remaking movies for their audience that were inspired by Bollywood films. Therefore, there are some foreign movies inspired by Bollywood movies.

Here is a list of foreign movies inspired by Bollywood movies

  • A Wednesday – A Common Man

A Wednesday was the directorial début of Neeraj Pandey and is considered a masterpiece. This film was backed by the power-packed performance of Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher. This film created such an impact that Sri Lankan director Chandran Rutnam decided to make an official remake of the movie named, A Common Man, casting Ben Kingsley in the leading role.

The story was a replica of A Wednesday where a mysterious man installed 5 bombs and threatened the police department to explode the bomb until 4 terrorists are released from prison. This was a successful movie and ended up receiving several awards at the Madrid international film festival.

  • Jab We Met – Leap Year

Although the makers of Leap Year had dismissed the idea that Leap Year was Bollywood Movie Jab We Met, we will leave the decision on your wisdom to spot the similarities between the two.

While we all know the story of Jab We Met, Leap Year revolves around the story of a bubbly, over-enthusiastic talkative girl who is on her way to propose to her boyfriend. However, she bumps into a stranger along the way. They share a hotel room, miss train, fall in love and are separated. Eventually, they get back together and get married. The movie has some different scenarios but that is all because of the cultural difference between the two countries.

Do you also feel it is one of the foreign movies inspired by Bollywood movies?

  • Darr – Fear

Apart from the name of the movie that states a similar meaning, Fear is not an exact copy of the movie Darr but it took a lot of inspiration from the Bollywood blockbuster Darr. Fear was released 3 years after Darr where it shows an obsessive guy who is in love with a girl and even kills someone to get her. Although the love triangle aspect was significant, shorter in Fear, director James Foley copied the infamous scene of Shah Rukh where he went on to write Kiran’s name on his chest with a knife and assured Mark Wahlberg carving Nichole on his chest.

  • Sangam- Pearl Harbor

Even though the name Pearl Harbor reminds us of a historic incident, the story did not talk about it much. Rather it narrated the love triangle drama of 2 best friends and a girl in a warm tone background. Moreover, the storyline was very similar to the Sangam directed by Raj Kapoor released in 1964 where it shows a love triangle between best buddies and a girl. The only difference between the two was that in Sangam only one of the friends was a pilot while in Pearl Harbor both the guys were playing pilot.

  •  Rangeela – Win A Date With Tad Hamilton

Rangeela is considered one of the best works of Ram Gopal Verma. It was a story of a Tapori boy who is in love with a struggling actress Urmila Matondkar and luckily got a big break in a movie opposite a commercially successful actor. As the story leads, the famous actor also falls in love with Urmila and builds a love triangle.

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On the other side, Win A Date With Tad Hamilton also had the same story. The only difference was, the girl was not an actress but won a date with a movie star named Tad Hamilton.

Did you also know that these foreign movies are inspired by Bollywood movies ? Tell us in the comments.

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