5 foods that will keep you ‘super hot’ this winter!

Keep your self-healthy and safe this winter by these 5 foods

Blazers and blankets are just not enough to fight icy fang of chill. Food plays a very important role in keeping us healthy during the winter season. Food is the cause and cure of most diseases. So here’s a list of what all you should eat during winters.

Sesame Seed

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1. Dried fruits and nuts: To keep your body warm during the day, you can add nuts to your daily diet like almonds, walnuts and pistachios to your breakfast table. To give a twist to your normal cereal or warm milk with Dalia (porridge) or oats, you can also add dried fruits like apricots, raisins and figs.

2. Tulsi and ginger: Nothing can beat the winter chill like a hot cup of tea with Tulsi (basil) and ginger do. In Ayurveda, it has been denoted the Tulsi as the holy basil due to its multiple benefits. Tulsi has anti-bacterial, anti-biotic and anti-viral properties that help in keeping the body healthy. You can add this versatile herb not only in your teas but also in your salads and dips. On the other hand, ginger seeds can be used in diverse ways from teas to food to having raw ginger if you have the bad throat.

Desi Ghee

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3. Ghee: Ghee is not our enemy. Ghee is a healthy fat that cuts the bad fat in our body to stay in shape. This, however, does not mean that you end up hogging on it. Having one tablespoon (15g) every day can help us achieve its many benefits like good skin, lean body and warmth during cold mornings.

4. Sesame Seed: Sesame seeds are so great to keep your body warm which is why they are often used in Indian halwas and chikkis enjoyed during the winter season. The tiny seeds are also packed with calcium and iron .You can also make small balls of sesame seeds and jaggery and have one every day.

5. Whole grain cereals and pulses: You can include Bajra (Pearl Millet), Jowar (Millet), Makkai (Maize), Jau(Barley), Ragi(Finger Millet) in your roti that accompanies your favourite pickle so that you should not miss out on the fun that winter foods have to offer you.

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