5 Flirting Techniques loved by Women! 

Women on the Internet shared 5 flirting techniques loved by them & we couldn’t agree more!

When it comes to flirting, things are different for men and women. As they say, flirting is an art and it is not everyone’s cup of tea. It doesn’t come easily to everyone. Even the most confident people get butterflies when it comes to flirting with their crush. We have to admit, not everyone can master this art. But we know flirting is extremely healthy if done in the right way. Flirting not only improves your relationship with others but also improves your physical and emotional health.  Whether you are single or in a relationship, flirting is good for your health. Before we proceed further, Committed Log, Please don’t forget your limits. We have warned you, don’t blame us later. Recently, women on the internet revealed 5 flirting techniques loved by women. Gentlemen, are you listening?

Flirting Techniques
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From eye contacts to subtle touching, many women posted things that are worthy of being noted down. These pointers can come really handy if you want to know what she feels about you?

Intense Eye Contacts:  Women love deep and intense eye contacts. While talking or discussing something important, eye contact is one of the most romantic gestures. You don’t have to hold it for longer, it can make any woman conscious but frequent eye contacts make them go aww! When it comes to flirting, eye contacts are the safest options for women.

Teasing: If she loves teasing you, it is another flirting technique. Playfully making fun of men is 100 per cent effective. This is yet another way to say that they are genuinely interested.  Playful teasing also keeps the spark alive and makes you laugh more often, isn’t it?

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Flirting Techniques
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Smile, Smile and Smile:  Do you want reasons for this one? Smiling is one of the most common flirting techniques. If she just can’t stop smiling and laughs at your bad jokes too, then she is interested. Well, this is the easiest one.

Flirting Techniques
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Showering Compliments: One of the users on the internet wrote – “After reading a lot of comments that men hardly get a compliment from women.  I make sure to genuinely give them compliment on their appearance and personality.”  To simply put, if a girl compliments you a lot, then reciprocate. Oh, man! She is flirting with you.

Subtle Touching: Women find it really attractive and arousing. Subtle touching, teasing and smiling are the 3  main flirting components for women. They just love it. Apart from it, a lot of women revealed that engaging and long conversations are another way of flirting for them. They like to keep their man interested and hooked to their conversation. We couldn’t agree more!

Other Tricks that women use when it comes to flirting

On the internet, women shared their favourite flirting techniques. But every woman has her own technique. Here are a few more that one may use. A lot of men get confused by these tricks but they actually work. If you notice any of the tricks mentioned below used by your girl, then congratulations she into you! Take a look and thank us later!

 Flirting Techniques
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(When she tilts  her head)

1. They will ignore you: A lot of times, a woman will start ignoring you if she is genuinely interested in you. She can choose to ignore you just to get your attention. If you think she is behaving weird, No – She is not. It is just another way to tease you.

2. Women like small romantic gestures such as when you help them to open the cap of that tight water bottle. Sometimes they deliberately ask you for help. It is another hint and sign that she is interested in playful flirting.

3.Head tilt: When she tilts her head towards one side and look at you. It is not only cute but also a big clue that she really finds you attractive and waiting to strike a conversation.

You tell us in the comments section below which one do you like?

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