5 fittest Bollywood Moms & their Fitness Secret

5 fittest Bollywood Moms who are an inspo for all the millennial moms out there


5 fittest Bollywood Moms who are driving us crazy. Well, Motherhood is a beautiful phase of life and every woman wants to embrace it. But being a mother is not an easy task.  Motherhood comes with a plethora of responsibilities and multitasking is a bonus that comes with it. Motherhood grows your heart and fills your life with love. Holding your child in your arms for the first time is magical. Motherhood completely changes the priorities of a woman.  From sitting down for a hot meal, taking long showers or investing an hour in the morning to get ready, all take a back seat when you have your first child.  Motherhood teaches a woman to tune things out, but a lot of times, kids can drive you crazy. All the hustle-bustle can take a toll on a woman’s health as they stop prioritizing themselves.

Earlier, women weren’t aware of taking of themselves post-pregnancy, but over the years, women have started prioritizing their health. Be it taking care of their mental health to getting back into shape, new age mothers are setting the bars high. Women in Bollywood have also changed and are setting examples for all the millennial women out there. Now, they work post marriage and embrace motherhood like a boss.  Here is a list of 5 Bollywood Moms who are sassy AF and are giving us major fitness goals.


1. Mira Rajput: She is the mother of two Kids and this millennial mom is on a roll.  Be it catching up with friends or taking care of her skin, Mira Rajput always makes time for herself and keeps giving us fitness goals.


2. Soha Ali Khan: The mother-daughter duo are way too adorable. Soha Ali Khan keeps giving us fitness goals on Instagram. As much she loves her daughter, she also loves her me-time. And that is evident on social media. Post-pregnancy, taking out Me Time should be practised as a ritual. It keeps you rejuvenated and focused


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3. Neha Dhupia:  Be it resuming work post-pregnancy to practising a healthy lifestyle, Neha Dhupia is embracing motherhood like a boss. She pulls herself gracefully and is a fitness freak.


4. Shilpa Shetty Kundra: This diva is unmatchable. Mother of two, Shilpa Shetty Kundra is the epitome of fitness.  She always preaches and practices a hardcore fitness regime. After her first pregnancy, she decided to shed off her weight. It wasn’t an easy process, she bounced back and never looked back. Today, she is an inspiration for many millennial women out there.


5. Anushka Sharma: The fittest, the hottest mother in B- Town. Anushka Sharma is a true inspiration for all the new moms out there. We saw how she was into fitness post-pregnancy and her regime continues to give us fitness goals on Instagram.




Taking out time for yourself post-pregnancy isn’t a selfish act and one should feel guilty about it. A lot of women feel this guilt and do not take out time for themselves. It can have an adverse effect on their health. It is always advisable to get involved in some physical activity. A fitness routine can make you feel better and will also keep your mental health in check.


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