5 films you can watch to understand that love knows no Gender

True Love doesn’t know any boundary: 5 films that show love knows no gender

Besides, the dissolution of the article 377 by the Supreme Court in the favor of the Queer community, the acceptance and understanding of same-sex marriage and love is still obscure to the people. Now, Cinema plays a major role in disseminating the appropriate understanding to the public of different age groups. The impact audiovisual effect does is intense, and it can contribute to shaping its audience as an individual and their ideologies. Here is a list of films that show love knows no boundary.

Aligarh is a ‘true’ and ‘beautiful’ form of art

Here is a list of movies you can watch to understand that love knows no gender and decide your stance in a true manner:

1. FIRE: Indian movie

It is among one of the trilogy, fire-water-earth, directed by Deepa Mehta which portrayed Lesbian relationship on screen for the first time in Bollywood. Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das are two sisters-in-law who ended up loving each other while their husbands don’t love them or are cheating on them.


The film starring Kalki Koechlin deals with the bisexual identity of a person on a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy. Bose deals with the matter wisely without indulging into a melodrama.

3. ALIGARH: Indian movie

It is a story of a professor who faces prejudice for being a homosexual and eventually gets suspended. Manoj Bajpai and Rajkumar Rao have successfully portrayed the hard-hitting reality of the Indian society.

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4. I AM: Indian movie

A perfect combination of four stories in which I am Omar revolves around the protagonist Rahul Bose facing the atrocities inflicted by section 377.


The film is directed by Bengali filmmaker Kaushik Ganguly (2010) is an award-winning film portraying the mental trauma and discrimination faced by the protagonist because of his sexual identity. This was the first film based on homosexuality that was released after Delhi High Court scrapped Section 377 in 2009.

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