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5 female standup comedians of India

5 female standup comedians you should follow

What is stand-up comedy? Stand-up comedy is a comedy genre in which a performer performs in front of a live audience. In this, comedians tell humorous stories, jokes, and one-liners, usually in what is called a monologue, routine, or act. Outside of live performances, stand-ups are often available for public viewing via television and the Internet. Although stand-up comedy originated in western countries centuries ago, it has become famous as an art form in India only in the last few years.

Stand-up comedy is still trying to take root in India, and stand-up actors, especially female comedians, are still in small numbers. But all the female comedians who are fearless speak their words and prove that women cannot be comedians, this is just a false notion. So let us take a look at some of the best female comedians of India who have increased the dominance of women in the world of stand-up comedy and started a new wave of stand-ups:

1. Aditi Mittal: India’s first recognized female stand-up comedian, and extremely popular face. She was invited by the BBC to the 100 Prestige Women conference in London in 2013. She has also appeared in the American documentary Stand-Up Planet. She is known for presenting her views on various cultural issues of India and women’s problems through witty remarks. She uses her platform to talk about realities that are usually silenced.

2. Radhika Vaz: Radhika Vaz is one of the most well-known and iconic faces in the realm of Comedy Shelley. She presents the things we all probably need to know about feminism in her stand-ups. One of the primary themes of her stand-up is gender inequality. Radhika believes that although men and women are different, they are fundamentally similar. ‘Unladylike’ written by her, in which she narrates her life as an Indian woman in a humorous and entertaining manner, was well received by the people.

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3. Neeti Palta: Neeti Palta, who quit her job of advertising to enter the world of comedy and pursue her passion, resonates with humorous, entertaining comedy. Neeti presents common themes and general observations of life from the point of view of women in her act. Joking about herself, Neeti says that men don’t like her because she has a different smell that they don’t like: confidence. While captivating her audience with her jokes, she also offers ideas that could replace the formally accepted taboos.

4. Supriya Joshi aka Supaarwoman: What started as a hobby just for fun, making voices has made Supriya Joshi aka Supaarwoman one of the most sought-after female comics in the country. Through her unfiltered and bold acts, she uses her voice and stage to express her views on issues like body shaming, male privilege, and gender inequality. While working with AIB, she made skits like ‘If People Were Apps’, ‘A Woman’s Besties’, and ‘The Bollywood Diva Song’.

5. Prashasti Singh: One of the favorite contestants of the first season of Comicstaan, Prashasti Singh grew up in the small town of Amethi, but her ideas have made a big difference in stand-up comedy. Although she is new to the world of comedy, she makes a difference by presenting herself in an unfiltered, raw and relatable way. She expresses her views on inequality with women in the corporate world in her acts ranging from simple observations on everyday life. Women are faced with some of the things in the comedy world that are normal for men like being outspoken and candid. But these influential women boldly challenged these set stereotypes and opened new doors for female comedians.

An Indian female stand-up comedian is a rare breed. Women face flak for something that is so normalized for men- being outspoken and candid comedians. These talented and witty women have put on their capes of fearlessness and are challenging these set norms as they’ve never existed before.

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