5 Facts You need to know about Baby Kicking

Here are some facts about Baby Kicking

  • Why do babies kick
  • How to Check Baby Moments
  • Can you count kicks ever day
  • Do you Know how many baby kicks is Normal

Whether it’s your first baby or the second, every pregnant woman looks forward to feeling beat and kicks from her baby. Known as stimulate it is reassuring sign that your baby is growing and thriving. Second time moms usually recognize their baby’s moments much easier. Baby spend plenty of moving their hands and exploring the uterus, hiccupping, changing sides and even doing somersaults. So, here are five facts you need to about baby kicking.

Baby kicking Facts:

Baby kicking
Baby kicking

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Pregnancy is full of wonders and have you ever wondered what all those baby moments actually mean.

Here are five facts about baby kicking that you should know:

Why do babies kick?

Babies tend to move mostly in response to what is happening in their environment. Too much noise, light even or even certain strong foods can stimulate your baby into kicking and moving.

Babies also need to stretch and move for relaxation. If you are moving about it can be soothing for your baby because they will often relax and even they go to sleep.

How to Check Baby Moments:

If you think your baby’s moment is reduced make a note of any moments in the following hours. You sit down, have a snack or any cold drink and put your feet up. The sugar in food or the coldness of the drink is usually wake your baby.

If you noticed reduced moments in two hour, you should contact your care provider immediately. It is very important to have you baby’s wellbeing monitored rather than later.

Can you count kicks ever day:

Baby kicks
Baby kicks

Keeping tabs on your baby’s moment is important but it’s not your experiencing a high risk pregnancy, most realize they have been very busy and have not noticed any moment. This usually promotes them to focus on their baby who will immediate starts kicking up a storm.

If your care provider advises you to monitor kicks, it can be useful to do this at the same time each day, after a meal or when your baby is usually very active.

Does fetal moment predicts future Behavior:

Your babies pattern of movement in the uterus is often cause for speculation of their behavior once born. Baby who are active in pregnancy will have you run of your feet toddlers. Feeling your baby moved and kick is a special feeling. And once that most mother look forward to and even miss after their baby is born.

Moments is one of the first communication your baby has with you.

Do you Know how many baby kicks is normal:

The average number of kicking falls between 15-20 kicks per day. Remember this includes all moment, not just kicking your bladder. Everybody is different and this includes their moments.

Babies rest and sleep in the womb and as much as 17 hour a day. Usually for periods of around 40-50 minutes at a time. If you have been busy and on the move you might not notice your baby’s wakeful moments.

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